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Interstate 10 Through Mississippi Named "Corridor of the Future"

From: MDOT    Filed 10/07/07  GCN


The Interstate 10 Corridor, which cuts across the southern portion of the state, is among six interstate corridors that the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) recently selected for potential federal funding as a “Corridor of the Future.” 


 Mississippi was among eight states, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida, that submitted an application for this designation. State DOTs will work with the USDOT to validate formal agreements by Spring 2008. The formal agreement will detail the commitments of the local, state and federal governments involved.


MDOT Executive Director Larry L. Butch Brown said that it is a great honor to have I-10 identified as a Corridor of the Future. “This designation is very meaningful,” he said. “I am excited about the development of this prospective plan.”


Corridors were chosen based on their potential to use public and private sector dollars to help reduce traffic congestion by developing multi-state corridors. The USDOT received 38 proposals and in February 2007, 14 projects were selected that were located in 8 major transportation corridors to participate in Phase 2 of the competition.


Joe Herrick of the I-10 Corridor of the Future Coalition said that an alliance of public and private entities are being formed to ensure that I-10 will become the model for moving freight and people in America.


“Being chosen as a Corridor of the Future is only the beginning of a process to develop innovative partnerships in design, engineering, financing and management,” he said. “The future of American transportation is now.”

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