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Mississippi Immigration Reform Group Protests Outside of Sen. Trent Lott's Office in Jackson
Border Patrol Agent Carries Flag During Protest
From: MFIRE       Filed 5/31/07  GCN
A protest over the current immigration bill under consideration in the U.S. Senate was held this morning outside the Jackson office of  Senator Trent Lott in Jackson with a Border Patrol officer carrying the flag. Nearly 60 protesters were on hand for the event.
The Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (MFIRE) received a permit for the protest from the City of Jackson on Wednesday for the protest at 245 East Capitol Street. According to MFIRE representatives a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Mississippi carried a U.S. flag during the event.
"An armed border patrol agent, in full uniform, carried the American flag, with honor, in the protest," said Dow Yoder, counsel, Mississippi Federation of Immigration Reform and Enforcement in an email to GCN.

"The other (7) seven border patrol agents assigned to the entire State of Mississippi were probably protesting silently.  It says a lot about our federal priorities when Mississippi has more than 7 times the amount of game wardens than the federal government has Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents.  It was a good day for the 1st amendment and the immigration reform movement in Mississippi," Yoder said.

The protest at the James O. Eastland U.S. Courthouse was easily seen by state officials working at the building as well as U.S. Marshalls.
The group is unhappy with the recent voting by Lott and Sen. Thad Cochran over the immigration reform bill under review in the Senate. They feel that the measure amounts to amnesty for the more than 12-million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S.
The notice of the protest was only released this week.

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