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Mississippi Drug Card to Provide "Free" Prescription Drug Cards to Mississippians
From News Release    Filed 12/10/07  GCN

The Mississippi Drug Card Program has announced that it will be distributing “FREE” discount prescription drug cards to the residents of Mississippi. The company says that as a resident of Mississippi, individuals can download a Prescription Drug Card by visiting www.mississippidrugcard.com. The cards allow participants to receive a savings of up to 75% (savings average around 30%) at more than 50,000 national and regional pharmacies.

The Mississippi Drug Card was launched to help the uninsured and under insured people of Mississippi afford their prescription medications. However, the program can also be used by people who have health insurance coverage with no prescription benefits (which is common in many HSA’s and high deductible health plans). Additionally, people who have prescription coverage can use this program for non-formulary or non-covered drugs. The Mississippi Drug Card can also be used by those individuals who do not qualify for public funded programs (I.e. Medicaid and Medicare) and by people who receive their medicines through charity care providers (under 340B, a federally funded program which grants discounts to providers) and require a drug that is not available to them. This program even covers some pet medications (medications that are available at participating pharmacies).  The Mississippi Drug Card program has no restrictions or participation requirements and the program is open to every resident of Mississippi. 

As the first of its kind, Mississippi Drug Card is a free prescription drug benefit which helps consumers to access prescriptions they need at the lowest available cost.  Since the mission of non profit organizations includes teaching consumer skills and building transparency in the health care market, the Mississippi Drug Card has proven to be the ideal “consumer friendly” tool with which to accomplish these goals. 

This free prescription card is available online for everyone in Mississippi by simply going to www.mississippidrugcard.com and printing a card. The card is also being given out by some hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics.  Employers are also encouraged to offer the Mississippi Drug Card program to their employees as an added benefit with discounts on prescription products as well as discounts on eyeglasses, contacts, LASIK surgery, hearing exams, hearing aids, and many more discount services.

Participating pharmacies include the following:  Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kmart, Winn-Dixie, as well as thousands of independent pharmacies.  Another program perk; The Mississippi Drug Card will designate a “preferred pharmacy” which will enable state residents without internet access to receive these discounts simply by walking into the pharmacy and mentioning the Mississippi Drug Card Program.  This addition will take place sometime before the end of the year!

“This truly is the first program of its kind,” states Mississippi Drug Card Program Director, Lila Cedotal. “This program can help every resident in Mississippi, even those with health coverage. We are also very excited to be working with state organizations and associations to help create awareness of the program!” 

This program is powered by Baton Rouge based UNA Rx Card, which is a division of United Networks of America. Brian Oliver, EVP, noted that “the Free Rx program has brought almost $66,000,000 in prescription savings to members around the country in the short history of the program with calendar year savings for 2007 projected to approach $100,000,000 million.” UNA Rx Card is the fastest growing discount prescription card company in the United States. UNA Rx Card has set up similar programs to the Mississippi Drug Card in New York, California, Texas, New Jersey, Ohio, Utah, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, and Tennessee. 

About United Networks of America

United Networks of America is one of the largest providers of value added managed care products and services in the United States with more than 380,000 participating Providers serving more than 30.2 million members.  UNA clients include Insurance Companies, Associations, Unions, Universities, TPA’s, City, Federal and State Governments, School Systems, Value Added Programs, and large Employers.  For more information about United Networks of America, visit www.unitednetworksofamerica.com.

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