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Traffic Already Heavy on New Bridge
by Keith Burton  -  GCN    11/2/07
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It didn't take Coast motorists long to start using the newly opened Biloxi Bay Bridge on U.S. 90. Since the bridge opened partially Nov. 1 with two lanes, a steady stream of traffic has been moving over the elegantly curved bridge that spans the Biloxi Bay between Biloxi and Ocean Springs.

Even while the first two lanes are open, work crews are busy with the south lanes, which are actually on a separate structure. The entire bridge, when finished will have six lanes and an additional four pull-off lanes. The entire bridge is to be finished in April.

What is clear is that the ride is smooth and picturesque. The brilliant white of the bridge's guard rails add a lot to its appearance. The rails, which are concrete, are interspersed with slots so that you can see across the bay and gulf.

The view from the 95 foot high elevated section is spectacular and traveling either toward Ocean Springs or into Biloxi are impressive. Motorists familiar with the way the old bridge used to challenge a vehicle's suspension with constant up and down movements will find the new bridge extremely smooth.

Motorists traveling east in the far left lane on U.S. 90 will have to be careful to merge right in front of the Isle of Capri to enter the bridge.

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