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Police Warn of Traffic Slowdown Near Hard Rock
From: City of Biloxi     Vincent Creel   Filed 6/29/07  GCN

Thousands of visitors are expected at the Hard Rock’s opening ceremonies Saturday and throughout the weekend, and police are warning motorists to expect plenty of pedestrians and slow-moving traffic.

“Motorists on Highway 90 in east Biloxi should expect a lot of delays Saturday morning,” Police Chief Bruce Dunagan says of Saturday’s 10 a.m. opening of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

“We’ll certainly have a law enforcement presence to help keep traffic moving, but what people need to realize is once that garage fills up Hard Rock, we’ll have to keep traffic moving either to the east or the north. For safety reasons, we cannot have traffic stalled on the highway.”

Dunagan also cautioned Hard Rock visitors to make certain any off-site parking is in a legal area.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of parking in legally authorized areas,” the chief said. “Do not park near yellow curbing, or near fire hydrants, on sidewalks or in any fire lanes in the Small Craft Harbor near the Hard Rock. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have a few cases when we have to ticket and tow vehicles, but we’re trying to avoid that by getting the word out beforehand.” For more about Hard Rock, click here.

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