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A November To Remember

With Earnest Hope, Pundits Predict Conservatives Will Stay Home This Election Day.  History Suggests They Need To Rethink Their Position.

By Perry Hicks and Keith Burton- Special to GulfCoastNews.com

Despite reports that President Bush and his top political advisor, Karl Rove, are “inexplicably upbeat” about the upcoming elections, Democrats would like to tell you Republicans will be taking a shellacking this November.

The irony is that some Republicans are now agreeing with them, blaming much of the unrest on Iraq.  Even more amazing is how both sides are drawing comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam.

The Democrat message to America is simple: The president and the Republican congress have more than failed to energize their base.  They have suppressed their own support by pursuing a long list of policies that collectively suggest the Republican Revolution was sham.

Hoping to exploit this disaffection, former president Bill Clinton has recently claimed voting Democrat is the obvious conservative choice.

Of course, much of this is just blather. 

One-World Policies 

The truth is that Bush and the Republicans actually have energized their base by bringing them to a state of near apoplexy; to wit:   

·     The War on Terror’s politically correct prosecution insures fighting will extend far out into the distant future, making a return to a general military draft inevitable.

·        Washington’s refusal to secure our borders has enabled unprecedented and dangerous levels of illegal immigration.  Worse still, this policy has all appearance of continuing indefinitely.

·        While not an act of congress nor an order from the White House, the Supreme Court’s new interpretation of Eminent Domain has conservatives fuming.

Summing it all together; many Americans are coming to believe that we as a people no longer matter and that each day’s new developments render the situation increasingly hopeless.

Democrat Miscalculations

Democrats taking the conservative pulse have ratcheted up this defeatist rhetoric hoping to further demoralize the Republican base.

However, the Democrats thru the left-leaning media are wrong in thinking Iraq vexes conservatives and so can be sold on the idea of pulling out abruptly.  In regard to the war, conservatives get it and see through Democrat rhetoric for the defeatist, anti-American argument that it is.  Not coincidentally, this last point is also George W. Bush’s message.

However, with typical Democrat schizophrenia, the anti-war Left has demanded an immediate military withdrawal while at the same time demanding a unilateral intervention in the African Darfur conflict.

The pretext for the latter is on humanitarian grounds in order to save the Fur, Zaghawa, and Massaliet tribes from genocide.  Of course, this has exposed the left to the same argument in regard to Iraq.

Sensing that their support for Darfur is logically boxing themselves into corner, Democrats try to avoid the humanitarian motive for our presence in Iraq by denying- even as mass graves are being unearthed in the Iraqi desert- that there is no evidence Saddam Hussein had never ordered the murder of hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Shia.

Furthermore, Democrats refuse to admit cutting and running from Iraq would result in still more hundreds of thousands of Iraqis being killed in sectarian violence.


This, of course, is exactly what happened after the United States withdrew from Vietnam. South Vietnam descended into a communist hell-hole replete with summary executions, reeducation camps, forced relocations, political imprisonments, and forced labor.  Over a 20 year period, an estimated 2 million Vietnamese fled the country in order to escape communist oppression.

Thus, once American involvement in Vietnam “ended,” peace did not return to Southeast Asia.  Communist Vietnam turned on its neighbors and even Communist China, with fighting continuing on until 1989.

As to how we got there in the first place, Republicans could well remind the rest of America that it was Democrat President Harry Truman who first sent military training advisors to Vietnam in 1950.

The advisors were later forced to assume all responsibility for training after the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu.

American involvement was ratcheted up to direct combat operations by another Democrat president, John F. Kennedy.  He sent 16 thousand troops to prop up the failing South Vietnamese government in 1961.  He also approved of a military coup against South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem when it was believed Diem was about to come to an accommodation with the Viet Minh. 

The irony here is that Diem was executed November 2, 1963 and Kennedy was assassinated just 20 days later.

The massive escalation of the war came about after President Johnson’s succession to Kennedy.  As the nation entered the political season in 1964, Johnson promised voters he would not send “American boys” to do what “Vietnamese boys” should be doing.

Driven largely by an anti-war/ anti-draft movement partly instigated and funded by communist governments, general public support for President Johnson eroded to the point that a second elected term was not possible.

Veterans today are haunted by memories of an enthusiastic Jane Fonda, daughter of the iconic movie actor, Henry Fonda, being photographed astride a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.

It took a Republican president, Richard M. Nixon, to extricate America from the war.  He did this essentially by cutting and running; a mistake Democrats want to repeat with Iraq today.

Summary: Democrats not only initiated, but escalated the war.  While United States forces won virtually every major battle, internal civil protest undermined political support for the war thus handing victory to the communists.


This same pattern is being repeated with Iraq.

It was Democrat President Jimmy Carter whose pacifism allowed the taking of the U.S. embassy in Iran and the holding of hostages for 444 days.  Consequently, Muslim radicals saw America as a “paper tiger” that could be defeated- not through direct armed conflict- but through the erosion of public support.

Fast Forward to September 11, 2001.  After two decades of ever escalating world-wide terror, Islamo-fascists mounted a devastating attack on American soil destroying the World Trade Center and killing nearly 3 thousand Americans. 

Curiously, even this attack on both an American city and the Pentagon was not deemed sufficient for Democrats to want a military response.  Unbelievably, they argued that the proper course of action would be a law enforcement one, not a military campaign!

After the subjugation of Taliban Afghanistan, the president believing- as did the previous Clinton Administration- that Iraq was illegally harboring Weapons of Mass Destruction in defiance of U.N. Security Council Resolutions 686 and 687, invaded Iraq in 2003.  While the unaccounted for U.N. list of WMD has yet to be found, coalition forces have literally uncovered elements of the program.

In a present day version of Jane Fonda, Country Music icons, the Dixie Chicks, seeking to ingratiate themselves with a foreign audience, actually announced they were ashamed that President Bush was a Texan.  They have been followed by a long list of Hollywood celebrities who denigrate the United States and protest American involvement in Iraq and the War on Terror.

A History of Selling Out America

It would be laughable for Democrats who charge Republicans of harboring a “culture of corruption” were it not the specter of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton running for president in 2008.

Consider the following:

  • The Democrat National Committee was caught red-handed taking $366 thousand dollars from communist Chinese operative, Johnny Chung. The donations gave Chung access to the White House.  Chung likened the “donations” to coins used to open turnstiles in a subway station.
  • Clinton White House subsequently reassigned responsibility for technology transfers from State Department to Commerce Department.  President Clinton personally approved giving China “hardened” computer chip technology useful for surviving a nuclear war.  Missile guidance technology was also given to the Chinese which then made their nuclear tipped ICBMs the accuracy to pinpoint American cities.
  • Former candidate John Kerry also took money funneled through Buddhist monks from Johnny Chung.
  • Initiated by former Secretary of State James Baker and then president Bush 41, President Clinton is reported to have turned over several of the outermost Alaskan Aleutian islands to Russia without congressional approval or even public debate.  The inhabitants, which were U.S. citizens were then arguably forced to become Russian citizens.
  • Indeed, Clinton’s prolific foreign fundraising brought in donations in exchange for access to the Oval Office.

Parties Not United, Not So Different

As one would expect from the above summary, the Democrat Party has been largely taken over by corrupt and even traitorous elements from their far left wing.  Consequently, the party leadership holds a big-government, One-World view of politics.

It was this takeover, beginning in the 1950s, that resulting in conservative Democrats defecting over to the Republican Party, thus ending the Democrat’s hold on the “Solid South.”

Ironically, over the same interval, Republicans have experienced their own takeover.  Along with southern conservatives came certain northern moderates at the welcome of the liberal Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party.  During the 1960s, this additional number gave the Rockefellers the critical mass to push the conservative Goldwater Republicans back and so take control.

Nixon exemplified what has become to be known as the “Neo-cons” having supported or even initiated a considerable number of liberal bills during his administration.  His direct ideological successors would be former presidents Gerald Ford and George Bush the senior and our present president, George W. Bush.

Conservatives Will Turn Out

To hope that conservatives will sit out the election and give both the House and the Senate back to the Democrats is nothing more than wishful thinking.  However repugnant are much of Bush’s policies, conservatives will never vote to put Clintonian Democrats back in control.  What really remains to be seen is if Democrats can energize their base.

Millions have been spent to this end by the One-World billionaire, George Soros, Hollywood elites, and yes, owing to Clinton’s global trekking, foreign governments.

Which way the election goes is anyone’s guess.  As such, for one side or the other, the outcome in November will either be a pleasant or a bitter surprise… and possibly seal the fate of the United States

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