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ImageThe Silent War

Machinery Is In Motion Bringing Powerful Economic Forces To Bear Against America.  Their Key to Victory Is Destroying Our National Will.

Part One of Two

By Perry Hicks and Keith Burton    Filed 3/3/07

There is a reason why automated telephone systems require you to “press 1 to continue in English;” why illegal aliens are allowed to pour over our undefended borders; why firefights between the Mexican Army and the U.S. Border patrol goes largely unreported; why the paltry number of National Guard troops sent to the border are expected to retreat instead of defending American soil; why the U.N. wants to tax carbon; why American workers must look to foreign companies for employment while American owned factories are being closed; why it is increasingly difficult for even two worker households to make ends meet.

That reason is profit.  America is in fact embroiled in an economic war designed to insure the 21st will not follow the 20th in being yet another “American Century.” But the way in which this war, this Silent War, is being waged is largely beneath the radar of the public, though its affects are being seen down the smallest U.S. community. It is also being waged poorly and the outcome is at this point uncertain.

It is also the reason why our kids graduate from public schools grossly uneducated; why the mainstream press eschews reporting real news in favor of chronicling the latest celebrity’s descent into mental illness; why Democrat leaders want broadcast radio and television to return to the “fairness doctrine;” and why the U.N. is increasingly demanding control over the internet.

Among the many fronts for this war are the homes and churches of this country where the ideals of family and faith are being torn apart and abandoned. But where the source of America's real strength lies.

The objective of this Silent War by America's enemies is simply the destruction of America’s national sovereignty and insuring Americans will not have the information and therefore the will to fight to for it.

The forces arrayed against America may be diverse but they share the common goal of attaining dominance over their own respective regions of the world.  To reach this goal, they must end the global influence of the United States.  Unfortunately for America, our posture toward prosecuting the War on Terror is weak and the inducements for counties or corporations joining these anti-western combinations are attractive.

America is more than an economy and military power. It is an idea of individual freedom and responsibility. It is a nation whose unfinished work is to make liberty sovereign. It is a work that is contrary to the objectives of its enemies.

To make matters worse, America’s political Left (through the environmental and one-world movements) and the international corporations (through economic globalism) work in concert toward removing the last vestiges of America’s sovereignty.

The Left works to make producing goods and services in America too expensive to be globally competitive. Corporations then oblige by moving their operations overseas.  

In this process of becoming a “service economy," which is not service at all, but servitude, the vision of America's founders of a free people is at risk.

America has gone from being the world’s greatest creditor nation to being the world’s greatest debtor nation.  However, a nation cannot “service” its way to wealth.  Prosperity comes with production where “production” is defined as tangibly creating something new. 

As a debtor government, the United States can have little self-determination.  With foreigners financing much of government’s revenue shortfall, at best America will increasingly find its policy options limited.  At worst, policy would be directed.

Even more disturbing is the fact that America’s single greatest creditor is not an ally at all; it is China.

Hence, China could end America’s ability to wage war if it simply refused to further extend credit to the United States Government.  A Chinese embargo of exports to the United States would empty Wal-Mart shelves in just mere days.

Because US industry has shrunken to half what it once was, it makes up only 17 percent of the country's GDP, compared to 26 percent in Europe, the dirty little secret is that the single greatest U.S. export is no longer goods and services; it is dollars.  Should China or the European Union abandon U.S. dollars as an international monetary medium, America’s economy would be devastated.

At some point, China will not want to conduct international business in dollars.  They will want to do it in Yuan.

Post Cold War Resurgence

Contrary to the name, the “One World” movement would actually result in the globe being divided politically and economically into distinct regions dominated by three powerful fascist entities: Russia over Western Europe, China over Central & Southeast Asia and an Islamic Caliphate dominating Africa, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia.  Through their respective geo-political alliances, these regions would also have great influence over the Pacific Rim and South America.

How could this have come to be?

The law of unintended consequences dictates Ronald Reagan’s victory over the Cold War would have far greater ramifications than simply ending a decades old global conflict.  Thus, when the Soviet Empire collapsed of its own weight and Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika came into being, Russian and China made a political side-step from communism to fascism- a closely related but vastly more successful socialist ideology.

In Russia, the previously repressed illegal underground economy filled the power vacuum created by Russia’s transformation to a limited “free market” economy.  With little manufactured good to export, Russia’s vast energy reserves, particularly natural gas, and weapons exports brought in critically needed foreign cash.

China, with its vast reserves of slave-wage labor, and aided by the West’s industry-hostile environmental movements, found itself well positioned to become the world’s manufacturer.  Offering products that could retail in the west at a tenth of what western production would cost, China soon found itself raking in mountains of foreign cash, particularly dollars from the United States.

Amassing this huge fortune, China found it all too easy to begin buying foreign assets and political cooperation.  Note that while the Panama Canal was built by America, it is now managed by the Chinese. Attempts have recently been made to purchase management rights of U.S. ports.

China has long envisioned itself becoming the world’s premier super-power.  With its economy well under way, the next logical move was to develop the capability to project military power.

Back in the 1990s, when Beijing needed advanced aerospace expertise, they found it too easy for their cash to buy the approval of the Clinton administration; China succeeded in having the oversight of satellite licensing transferred from the State Department to the Commerce Department, the latter lead by Clinton crony, Ron Brown.

When U.S. Defense firm Loral came under Federal investigation, then Clinton’s national security advisor, Sandy Berger, argued that Loral should not be penalized before they had even been indicted and yet another request for satellite launch was approved by Clinton.

Berger argued for Loral even though he had received a Department of Energy briefing in 1996 on China’s acquisition of several U.S. atomic weapons designs.  With crucial rocket engine and missile guidance technology, the stolen weapon designs insured China could destroy American cities.

In 2005, Berger was convicted of stealing classified documents from the National Archives in 2003 and was fined $50 thousand and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.  Questions still remain about prior trips Berger made to the Archives in 2002.

Ron Brown was under investigation for corruption at the time of his death in 1996. Brown is thought to have been negotiating a plea bargain where he would have implicated President Clinton.  Brown died in a plane crash while on a trade mission to Croatia.

Today, China has a functional intercontinental missile arsenal tipped with modern nuclear warheads.  China’s missiles cannot only reach the Continental United States; the warheads are targeted by technology provided by the Clinton administration.

China has also recently demonstrated its “killer satellite” technology by destroying one of it own satellites.  This demonstration of space power put Washington on notice that America no longer dominates the environs of near earth orbit.

Both China and Russia have found ready markets throughout the third world for their affordable military products and technology.  The growing Islamic Jihadist movement became one of their most important weapons trading partners.

Bush’s Folly

When the president asked congress for a resolution supporting military action in Iraq, it would be naïve to think his motivation was limited to denying Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction.  Iran had been recognized as a threat to both Israel and the West since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979.

Saddam was increasingly erratic and his sons manically despotic.  The long running U.N. economic sanctions against Iraq had weakened Saddam’s hold on the country and his regime could no longer be counted on to keep Iran in check.

Thus, when Bush invaded Iraq, it could not have simply been to effect regime change.  The primary motivation would have had to be applying military pressure to Iran.

Jefferson Memorial PhotoHowever, Iran is one of Russia’s geo-political partners (along with China and India.)  It was therefore folly for Bush to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin could be a trusted ally in the War on Terror. Evidently Bush must have missed something when he claimed he had looked into Putin’s eyes and had seen his soul.

One only has to consider the polonium-210 poisoning of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko to see the true nature of Putin’s character.

Putin wants to make Russia an energy superpower and will stop at nothing to see that goal a reality.  In working toward this end, he has had no compunction in cutting off natural gas to the Ukraine and in doing so threaten supplies to Europe.

When Bush pronounced Iran as one end of an axis of evil, he should have known that axis also runs through Russia and China.

Crescent of Terror

Prior to the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the base for radical Islamic operations extended in an almost unbroken arch from Western North Africa all the way to Indonesia.  In military parlance, this is called a line of communication where people, weapons, equipment, and orders can be easily moved wherever they are needed.

The U.S. invasions broke this line near its center- Iran- and further segmented it with cooperation from certain westward looking, and therefore threatened Muslim governments.

An abrupt U.S. pull-out from Iraq would allow this broken line to reconstitute and nothing could embolden Islamic radicals, particularly the mullahs in Tehran, more.  The free movement of men and materiel could resume and the Jihadist would then have the platform from which to destroy individual Muslim governments and subsequently create the long awaited Caliphate.

Iranian intelligence officers have been captured working within the borders of Iraq.  The Iranians were working is to assist insurgents in defeating both the elected Iraqi government and kill U.S. military personnel, something that in earlier times would have been an act of war.

If this were not enough, an attempt on Vice President Cheney’s life was made in Afghanistan by a suicide car bomber.  Fortunately the bomber could not get close enough.

It is no coincidence that insurgency combined with internal U.S. war protest was the Chinese strategy for Vietnam, and is today the Iranian strategy for Iraq.  That strategy has been proven to work.

Note that after the U.S. abandoned South Vietnam to the communists, the fighting and dying did not end.  Neither did the fighting and dying end after the North Vietnamese defeated the South; Communist Vietnam invaded Cambodia and even fought its former protector, China, up until the late 1980s.

Knowledge of this history has not stopped Democrat Party leadership, Hollywood celebrities, weak-kneed conservatives, and much of the major media from continually pushing for an American defeat in Iraq.  The primary motive appears to be Bush hatred and a cavalier attitude, if not outright contempt, for the well being of the Unites States of America.

In Part Two we will explore the role of big business in undermining America's principles of faith and national sovereignty and what would be the ramifications of a U.S. defeat in the Middle East.

The Silent War: Part II - Liberty Has Been Wounded; And Like Hunters Tracking Drops Of Blood In The Snow, The Prophets of Profit Keep On Following.   

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