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GulfCoastNews.com's Original Content Now  Syndicated on New Global Internet News Service

From: GCN     Filed 2/23/07

Burton Communications LLC has achieved a major milestone in the company's effort to establish GulfCoastNews.com as a significant news source on the Internet. The website's original news content is now being distributed by a major new  Internet news service, which provides news content to websites worldwide.

"This news will certainly put our content before hundreds of thousands more readers," said Keith Burton, who owns and operates GulfCoastNews.com. "One of the challenges to Internet-only news websites is establishing a credible history of content in an environment that is often highly criticized by established print and broadcast media. Voxant's interest in the work of GCN puts our content at the top of the class."

GCN's content can now be accessed for placement on websites through the online service operated by Voxant, which provides news at The NewsRoom, located on the web at www.thenewsroom.com. What makes The News Room different is the the news content is spread  through an easy-to-access network of websites that want to include current news content for their websites. This could include both blogs and company websites.

Voxant has signed up numerous major news providers and had sought content from GulfCoastNews.com, which received a national service journalism award this past October from the Online News Association, the premiere organization supporting the growing online news industry.

According to Voxant, "TheNewsRoom is the hub of Voxant’s viral syndication network. Voxant is dedicated to creating an open, global syndication network for rich media news content on the Internet. For news organizations, Voxant’s network opens new markets around the world, getting their content found, played, and paid for on the Web. For advertisers, the network creates new inventory and a targeted way to reach consumers throughout the “long tail” of the web. Website publishers and bloggers benefit from having access to thousands of free, fully licensed news stories that can be published on their site, as well as earning money through sharing advertising revenue."

GulfCoastNews is the first Mississippi online news website to be included as part of the Voxant syndication network.

The easiest way to find GulfCoastNews.com content at TheNewsRoom.com is to select "US," then look on the left pane for news providers where GulfCoastNews.com will be listed.

GulfCoastNews.com is based in Biloxi reporting on news and information related to the Mississippi Coastal region. The service has long-range plans to expand throughout the Gulf Coast region from Florida to Mexico's Gulf Coast.

Welcome to GulfCoastNews.com

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