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A Bit of Rhyme
by Frank L. Schmidt

Recent news articles in the Sun Herald and on WLOX report the displeasure of Supervisor Connie  Rockco at a “poll” which accuses her of participating in a trip to New York  at taxpayer’s expense.  She has been trying to get  greater accountability and reporting  of  travel expenses by the Harrison County Development Commission  which is causing them to become political in her race and not on Connie’s behalf. Because I have known Connie for many a year and know her to be honest to the core.

I have written the following verses to express my opinions on the matter.  I hope you get a chuckle out of them but please remember this is a serious matter to all Harrison County citizens and especially the voters of District 5.  The issues are serious but the verses are for fun.

The good ole boys say that Rockco  can’t stay

“ She is trying to ruin  all our play

     Wining, dining and golf we deserve

      Because of our work and our verve”

But, do the taxpayers like it this way?


The taxpayers have had little to say

But they will definitely join in the fray

      They should be madder than hell

      Cause taxes don’t come from a well.

The people will be heard  on  election day.


Rockco wants neither  fortune not fame

But her “antis” seek to sully her name

      With a “poll” full of flaws

      They are grasping at straws

Mud slinging is the name of that game.


The  Big Boys want to pick on the lady

Which is a cowardly practice most shady

     But the lady is tough.

     Rockco  has the right stuff.

The truth will be like  rain on their parade(e).


Who’s behind the infamous “push poll”?

Who pays the bills  and wields the control?

     Will they tip off their hand?

     Not in this life-time , my man

It’s  all bluff and their bets will soon fold. 


This race could get out of hand

Tho naught but truth shall  long stand.

      Connie tells it like it is

      With no double talk biz.

To re-elect her should be our best plan.


The “antis” seem to like slinging mud

And claim that C. Rockco’s a dud.

     But their dirt will not stick

     It will crumble so quick

Because lying  is just not in her blood


August 5th will be everyone’s day

When the voters will be heard to say:

     We want Rockco re-seated

     Til her work is completed

As Supervisor (she’s been more than OKAY)


Here’s to Connie and long may she wave

As  taxpayer money she is trying to save.

     To her job she is tending

     To stop profligate spending,

Though she’s beset by many a knave.


From an old friend wishing the best for Connie and her dears and all their careers

Frank L. Schmidt