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Inside The Mind of Barack Obama

The Key To Understanding Is That He Would Be The First President Ever Born And Raised Outside the Continental United States.

By Perry Hicks-Special to GulfCoastNews.com       Filed 7/17/08 GCN

For all of Barack Obama’s speeches heralding him as a great agent of “change,” nary a word actually specifies what that change might be.  However, his campaign website, www.barackobama.com, can be a bit more candid, provided the reader is willing to do some poking around.

There, Obama’s agenda may be assembled click by click, or perhaps more accurately, special interest group by special interest group.  Obama even dares to present his vision from a spiritual perspective.

Particularly distressing is the knowledge that Obama’s radar screen is utterly void of the impending dangers looming just over America’s event horizon (see GCN series, Threat Assessment.)  It would appear that a candidate for the nation’s highest office is ignorant of how the world really works.

Contrary to Obama’s claims that he is the one candidate that can bring people together, (unless in his lexicon men and Caucasians are not classified as persons) his primary focus cannot be to foster domestic tranquility.  Based on his policy statements and his website talking points, Obama’s primary interest appears to be fomenting discord by extension of the notion of race guilt whereby individuals in the present carry the burden for actions in the distant past over which they cannot possibly have had any control.

Remuneration for wrongs committed in the distant past would be to individuals in the present in the form of preferential treatment. Of course, owing to the great span of time, these preferentially treated individuals could not possibly have been the parties that had originally been wronged.  Justification for the practice that is effectively reverse discrimination is argued on a legacy basis that some minorities say, African-Americans, continue to suffer from the “residual effects” in the form of “institutionalized discrimination.”

America will have to pay reparations for slavery and the resulting institutionalized discrimination that oppresses black men and women in our society; and Obama will even have the audacity to make this claim even as he, the self proclaimed first President of the United States of African decent, occupies the Oval Office.

While some commentators have puzzled over why a man would appear to so dislike the racial side of himself who raised and nurtured him; appear to so dislike the nation that has raised him up out of modest means to become a United States Senator and candidate for President of the United States of America; a survey of his past would indicate that these attitudes are an outcome of his childhood development in Indonesia and Hawaii.

Growing Up Outside the Lower Forty-Eight

If elected, Barack Hussein Obama II would be the first president ever to be born and raised outside the continental United States.  This experience has undoubtedly had a profound impact on his world view, coloring his perception of Americans as global interlopers and Caucasians in particular as unworthy of their period of colonial dominance. 

Owing to the age of his mother at the time of his birth, and his father’s Kenyan citizenship, there are some who have questioned whether Obama can legally assume the office of the President of the United States; hence, his refusal to make public his original birth certificate.  Obama's birth certificate has generated a storm of controversy on some blog sites. The Obama camp eventually released an image of his birth certificate, but there remains some questions that have not gone away. (Click on image right to enlarge)

Surprisingly, if elected, Obama would not be the first president to be scrutinized for questionable citizenship.  Some have thought the 21st president, Chester A. Arthur (1881-1885,) to be a naturalized citizen under the speculation that he was actually born in Canada to U.S. citizens.  

Obama’s certificate states that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 4, 1961 to a Caucasian mother and a father whose race is curiously stated as "African." His parents separated when he was only two years old and later divorced.  His mother subsequently met and then married a Muslim citizen of Indonesia.  We are told Obama was then moved to Jakarta, Indonesia in 1967.  His school records are reported to not only have him listed his faith as Islam, his friends in Jakarta are reported to have remembered him as Muslim, too.  

Obama’s campaign would as soon the public forget about his Indonesian years for two good reasons.  First and foremost, both of Obama’s biological and step fathers were Muslims and Obama himself participated in Islam as much as a youngster under 10 years of age could be expected during that time period.

While a child of Obama’s age could not be said to be practicing any religion, unfairly or not, Americans in this post 9-11 world of international terrorism are Islamophobic.  To some, Obama would be seen as “tainted” by his childhood association with Islam.  Many Americans while perfectly willing to vote for an African American are simply not willing to vote for someone they think is a Muslim, particularly if they buy into the notion that he is a “sleeper” Muslim.

The second, and perhaps as potent an issue if allowed to surface, is Obama being raised in a foreign land during the critical years of his personality formation.  As such, Obama exhibits a core viewpoint of a person far removed from the American mainstream because he grew up far removed from the American heartland.

To put this in perspective, for the adolescent Obama, a Nantucket sleigh ride would have been a culturally foreign experience.

The 4 year old Obama was not in Indonesia for the attempted coup against President Sukarno in 1965, and the military uprising against the communist PKI party blamed for it. However, he was resident when Sukarno succumbed to strong man General Suharto in 1968.  Suharto was supported by the United States, at that time still hotly engaged in Vietnam.

During this time, television and print journal reporting was, as a part of their Vietnam War coverage, full of news about South East Asia.  Obama could not have missed some of this reportage even as a child, particularly the Indonesian crack down on communists.

As much of the reporting was anti-war, what imprinted on Obama had to have left negative impressions about America as it made its way through Obama’s mind.  This imprint may well have been the genesis of his stance to “stand with them” referring to immigrants, specifically “Arab and Pakistani Americans” (The Audacity of Hope, pg 261) “should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Barack Obama returned to Hawaii at aged 10, in 1971, to live with his white grandparents and attend the Punahou School, a private K-12 college preparatory institution founded in 1843 as Oahu College.  Obama graduated in 1979.

If Obama was exposed to an anti-U.S. bias in Indonesia, it was certainly reinforced from the standpoint of the Hawaiians with their anti-mainland / anti-Caucasian prejudice.  This reporter lived on Oahu, Obama’s home island, during part of this same time frame as Obama and is well acquainted with this attitude.

Entire beaches were unofficially reserved for locals only- meaning no “haolies,” or whites allowed.  If whites, particularly white males, were caught there or at reserved mountain waterfalls or natural freshwater pools, local thugs would drive them out.

Also, the limited landmass and the ever growing human population caused the locals to view pubic seizure of private property as something good- see the background to the  Supreme Court’s 2005 landmark ruling, Kelo vs. New London, Ct., Hawaii Housing Authority vs. Midkiff, 1984.

It was Hawaii that twisted the Constitutional provision for the taking of private property for pubic use, such as building roads, utility right of ways, etc, into something that is completely different- the taking of private property for public purpose.

The Nixon Shock, where the demonized president unilaterally took the United States off the gold standard, occurred in 1971 kicking off the growing inflation of the 70s.  The Vietnam War did not end until 1975.  By then, President Nixon had had to step down, and his replacement, Gerald R. Ford, pardoned the former president to spare the nation the agony of a Nixon trial for high crimes and misdemeanors.

The public backlash against Ford for pardoning Nixon put Jimmy Carter in the White House in 1976 just in time America’s plunge into for a severe economic recession.  Oil prices had been rising prior to the Iranian Revolution of 1979, fueling inflation.  However, Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volker, worsened matters by tightening the money supply in an effort to drive investors away from Gold.  The tactic ultimately worked, breaking the gold market, which then freed money for investment in the stock market for the next two decades.

It also buoyed the free floating dollar and brought inflation down ten points from a high of over 13%.  The cost was bankrupting many businesses and family farmers. 

In summation, the 1970s was a time of economic uncertainty, emotional distress, and self-doubt caused by the self-imposed loss in Vietnam, the step down of a disgraced U.S. president, and the realization of failed economic policies originally planted at the end of World War II.  America’s lack of confidence about herself was reflected in her foreign policy, the burgeoning unemployment, and the increasingly dismal outlook Americans held for their future.

It is therefore no wonder that Obama would take his first steps away from childhood engrained with a negative opinion of private enterprise, and hold a simplistic view that America is responsible for most the world’s ills.

Minority Rule

Not surprisingly then, Obama’s website does not list Caucasians or men as constituents under the button “People.”  What you will see is:

  • Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
  • African Americans
  • Americans Abroad
  • Americans with Disabilities
  • Environmentalists
  • First Americans (formerly “Native Americans”)
  • Generation Obama
  • Kids
  • Labor
  • Latinos
  • LGBT (Too timid to spell it out: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
  • National Delegates
  • Organizing Fellows
  • People of Faith
  • Students
  • Veterans
  • Women

Obama’s First Four Year Agenda

Consider these points taken directly from Obama’s website www.barackobama.com:

  • Civil Rights- In a nutshell, Obama would force an equality of outcomes on America principally by blaming ongoing minority problems on “racism.”  Equality of outcomes is all the rage in Europe and has been carried by the Left there to the point that if little children turn their nose up at ethnic food, they are suspected, if not outright branded racists.
  • Economy- Obama attempts to cover his radical socialist beliefs by affirming that it is the free market that has made America prosperous.  Of course, he has also said as much that prosperity is pernicious when he bloviated, “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK.”

Obama reveals his economic naivety when he identifies the nation’s single greatest financial problem as Bush’s tax cuts to the “wealthy.”

  • Education- Advocates still further Federal encroachment into a state and local matter.  Since the Federal Government has involved itself, the quality of U.S. education has continually deteriorated.  Typical of far Left socialists, once a practice is a proven failure, Obama advocates doing more of the same.
  • Energy & Environment- Obama’s plan calls for Cap & Trade, reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, expanded use of ethanol fuels, and further involve the U.N with internal U.S. matters- all policies that will ensure harm to the U.S. economy and hand world dominance over to China, Russia, and the OPEC nations.
  • Cap & Trade  means self-imposing carbon emissions limits and then allowing “polluters” above an arbitrary ceiling buy “credits” from low emitters.  In effect, this is a massive wealth transfer scheme that gets ever more expensive as it ratchets down carbon output by 80% over 40 years.  Prosperity cannot be maintained under this system which is probably the point.  
  • Families- Obama advocates a shockingly inappropriate level of Federal involvement in our personal lives by requiring employers provide parents 24 hours of leave a year so that they might attend their child’s school activities.  Nothing in the Constitution gives the Federal Government this kind of authority and had this been attempted in the Founding Father’s day, would have resulted in an armed march on Washington.
  • Fiscal- Obama’s plan is to simply continue confiscating the assets of the “rich” to make possible financing government largess with a pay-as-you-go plan. Going after the rich is believable; being fiscally responsible given the number of hand-out programs on the Democrat’s wish list is not.

Bill Clinton’s former political advisor, Dick Morris, advises that Obama’s tax proposals would effectively increase the upper income tax bracket to 60 percent: The top bracket would go to 40% plus added to that FICA would expand to cover ALL income, not just cap at $100 thousand as it does today; add state and local taxes income taxes which average nationally to 5-6% and the effective upper bracket is 60 percent.

Obama would double capital gains tax hitting the 50% of Americans relying on stocks for their investment savings.  Obama would also double the dividend tax which would hit the elderly depending on it for their retirement income.

  • Healthcare- Obama’s is a two tier plan: While he will strive for an eventual Federal take over of private health care system, his short term solution actually makes sense: Mandate health insurance be portable between employers.  Had Hillary Clinton advocated this in the 1990s when she was chairing her husbands universal healthcare committee, she would likely have been coronated as the Democratic nominee today.

Obama wants to give 12 million illegal immigrants Federally subsidized health insurance.  The Federally stated 12 million is clearly false with more like 20 to 40 million illegals currently in the country.  If Universal Health were to be signed to law, the true population “surprise” would force medical service rationing.

Accordingly, just as in the United Kingdom bureaucrats will have to decide if your life warrants the taxpayer “investment” in the cost of your treatment.  In other cases, rationing will take the form of long delays until either the patient gives up waiting, or providing they can afford it, pays for their care out of pocket.

  • Illegal Immigration- Predictably, Obama would make illegal aliens legal and then line the Mexican oligarchy’s pockets with U.S. taxpayer money under the guise of “assisting” their economy.
  • Poverty- Raise minimum wage, provide still more handouts, increase child support enforcement on men but supposedly not women since moms aren’t specifically mentioned as deadbeats like the dads are; neither are mothers mentioned as needing help in being responsible parents like men.
  • Iraq- Probably too late to bring the troops home now.  A pull out would mean Democrats would have to take responsibility giving our enemies a reprieve just at the moment of their demise.  Afghanistan is another matter and a pull out there would teach the world, never, ever trust America to finish a job they have started.  

Civil Rights

An Obama presidency would see a return of racial strife not seen since the 1960s.  However, this time it will be the majority having to defend itself from a sudden avalanche of discrimination justified by the alleged need to provide remedies to problems that simply don’t exist. For example, Obama cites:

  • Pay Inequity Continues- For every $1.00 earned by a man, the average woman receives only 77 cents, while African American women only get 67 cents and Latinas receive only 57 cents.
  • Hate Crimes on Rise- Obama claims the number of hate crimes increased nearly 8 percent to 7,700 incidents in 2006.
  • Efforts Continue to Suppress Vote- recent study discovered numerous organized efforts to intimidate, mislead and suppress minority voters.
  • Disparities Continue to Plague Criminal Justice System- African Americans and Hispanics are more than twice as likely as whites to be searched, arrested, or subdued with force when stopped by police. Disparities in drug sentencing laws, like the differential treatment of crack as opposed to powder cocaine, are unfair.

This entire section could just as well be renamed an “equality of outcomes” socialist reform political platform, justified by the far Left’s mantra of factual distortions and outright lies.

Take for example, pay inequity: Obama leaves out all the ancillary reasons as to why a man, assumed via the language of this section to be white, earns 30 to 40 percent more than the minorities mentioned- a statistic that should be questioned for its veracity.  Just a few of the more obvious reasons supported by research are:

  • Women take time out of work to have children and spend time with them during their infancy.  This naturally causes women to fall behind if not lose seniority.  If the woman is and if out long enough she may even require retraining.
  • Women are typically poor pay negotiators compared to men and are less likely to leave a job if denied higher pay.
  • African-Americans are typically less educated, often due to their own collective conduct in debasing the achievers within their ranks as “acting white.”

Academically successful African-Americans have traditionally preferred government service to the higher paying private sector and have eschewed higher paying hard science professions to the lower paying soft science ones.  Other minorities have come to actually dominate some of the hard science programs at our universities, thus belying Obama’s notion of discrimination.

  • Latinas, otherwise called Hispanic women, are also counted with illegal aliens who, by their unlawful presence in the United States, have no ability to command higher income.  Additionally, illegals typically have poor English skills, and may be illiterate even in their native language.

Hate crime data is not reliable because its subjective nature makes it vulnerable to pressure from political correctness groups.  As we saw from GCN’sObamanation of Hope,” Hispanics were listed by the FBI as victims of hate crime, but not as perpetrators.  For that category, Hispanics were simply lumped in with whites.  The net effect was to unburden Hispanics from hate crimes but artificially increase the presumed culpability of white European Christian males in committing hate crimes.

One could effectively argue that this practice is in itself a hate crime officially perpetrated on those of European ancestry.

Obama doesn’t identify the “recent study,” but to cite this as an excuse to enact legislation to, and we quote, “end deceptive voting practices” raises our suspicions.  After all, it was a Democrat that designed the butterfly ballot in Florida that led to the infamous “hanging chad” controversy in 2000.

Democrats, of course, blamed it on Republicans and then demanded modern electronic voting machinery as a corrective measure.  After realizing electronic voting machines in many venues and at great expense, Democrats subsequently complained again, linking the change to a conspiracy between the principle contractor, Diebold, and George W. Bush. 

Obama himself brags that in Illinois he led the charge against “discriminatory” photo-ID laws, even though it has been acknowledged as early as 2001 that the 1994 “Motor Voter Act” had not increased voter participation but had compromised voter rolls.  It is also Democrat wards where media reports of blatant voter fraud, such as ballot box stuffing, stolen voting machines, voting by illegal aliens, has all been reported again and again.

Enabling illegal aliens to vote in American elections devalues the votes cast by legitimate voters.  One may also argue that it places the power of government in foreign hands and is therefore treasonous.

Minority Communities Disproportionately Consume Public Resources

As to disparities in the law, it certainly must be an embarrassment for Obama and the minority community to have to live with the reality that the place where severe crime and the usurpation of other people’s Constitutional Rights is most likely to take place is in minority communities.  There is no getting around this fact.

There is also no getting around the fact that it is the minority community that makes more phone calls to the police requesting assistance than the majority. Ask any policeman.

Ergo, a disproportionate amount of police resources have to be funneled into these neighborhoods consuming a disproportionately higher level of taxpayer dollars.

In Washington, D.C. where the resident population is 56% African American and civil government is minority administered, the violence has gotten so bad; police have had to take a page from private security tactics and shut down entire neighborhoods with roadblocks allowing only residents and others with verifiable business or residency into the restricted communities.

Minorities are stopped and searched more than Caucasians is that minorities are the majority population in the heavy crime centers. 

As such, it can only be expected under such conditions that minorities are going to be stopped and searched.

Another complaint is that minorities are more likely to be “subdued with force;” this last phrase thrown in as an accusation that said force is routinely applied to peaceful people.  While it would be naïve to believe excessive force is never used, it is also disingenuous to equate the use of force to excessive force or even that the majority of arrests involve inappropriate applications or incidents of excessive force.

Obama’s accusation implies both in part because of the impression left on him by the authorities in Indonesia, not America.  Speaking of the similarities he claimed he saw between Jakarta and Nairobi and Chicago’s South Side; Obama wrote in the preface to the 2004 edition of Dreams of My Father, I know that the response of the powerful to this disorder -- alternating as it does between a dull complacency and, when the disorder spills out of its proscribed confines, a steady, unthinking application of force, of longer prison sentences and more…

Note that Obama does not claim that minorities are being falsely convicted of crimes.  His complaint is limited to the embarrassing statistics.  Instead of working to end the acceptance of criminality fostered by the popular culture (gangster rap, movies, and television,) Obama accuses the remedy of being inadequate.

Once apprehended, brought to trial, and convicted, Obama is also unhappy with the sentences given to the crack cocaine drug offenders comparative to the powdered cocaine offenders.

While this subject is too complex to handle in a few paragraphs here, again, Obama seeks an equality of outcomes by simplifying the problem and leaving out the underlying special interest arguments that basically say the differences in sentencing is classist if not outright racist; proportionately, crack users tend to be poor and black and powder cocaine users tend to be wealthy and white.

What is disingenuously missing from this argument is that the primary arrest for crack users is not casual possession, because they will consume a “rock” as soon as practical, but for other crimes.  Powder users are typically arrested under a completely different set of circumstances generally lacking the depravity of the crack user’s environment.

Out of Touch

Obama’s perception of America’s present situation can be summed up in three words: Out of Touch.  His constituent base is a long line asking for favoritism and hand outs at the expense of other Americans.  His tax and spend policies are nothing new but well worn pages that could have and probably were torn from Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale, or even Hubert Humphrey’s playbook; and every one of them was loser once they reached the presidential level.

Instead of working to strengthen his country, the only nation to have freed a billion people from tyranny, he works to impose tyranny by saddling Americans with do nothing Global Warming legislation that the real polluters, like Russia and China, will and do ignore.

Accordingly, the fruit of an Obama presidency would be easy to predict- loss of prosperity, loss of personal freedom, racial strife, and civil discord.

About the Author.....

Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel. Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a former college professor and is GCN's Washington correspondent on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive.

Contact the Author: arielsquarefour@hotmail.com

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