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Cindy McCain: This Year’s
October Surprise

Even As Obama Banishes The Thought Of Attacking Cindy McCain, All Guns Are Being Brought To Bear...                      It Would Be Ill Advised.

By Perry Hicks- Special to GulfCoastNews.com  7/25/08  GCN

For all of his charm and money, Barack Obama skippers the great dreadnaught Audacity with some serious personal negatives.  Not surprisingly, his officers have recently perceived the deck to be listing beneath their feet and fear the presidential campaign may be taking on water.

Thus, one should not believe Obama’s feigned sincerity when he says, “I would never consider making Cindy McCain a campaign issue;” for below decks one can hear the clankety-clankety-clank of the party’s apparatchiks as the big forward guns are brought to bear.

However, a fusillade against Cindy McCain might be ill advised; not because she is a U.S. Senator’s wife, or even that it will be taken as mean spirited, particularly coming from a candidate that hypocritically included a thinly veiled threat with his demand that his own wife be off limits to criticism.

Of course, Obama’s denials regarding Cindy has not prevented others from subjecting her to vicious attacks, nor has these been the first.  The political commentary website, The Huffington Post, having nothing of substance to load into their cannon, recently put up a particularly offensive piece that not only made light of children’s facial deformities, but also the work Cindy McCain does with Operation Smile,  a charity that provides corrective surgery.

One can only imagine the shrieking howls from the Left should this article have been about Michelle Obama and posted on RushLimbaugh.com.

Cindy’s crime?  She reacted like much of the rest of us did to Michelle Obama’s not one but two proclamations that she has for the first time been proud of her country, adding on the second occasion the modifier “really.”  To borrow Obama’s own tagline, Cindy McCain had the audacity to go out on stage and say that she had always been proud of hers.

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) has been a circulating sleazy accusation that the McCain campaign has been improperly if not illegally receiving free travel benefits from Cindy McCain’s beer distributorship subsidiary, King Aviation LLC.  The accusation is sleazy because campaign finance rules are not clear in this area and the Federal Election Commission has not been available to render a definitive opinion.  Caught in the act, the DNC has tried to dismiss the countercharge as a Republican National Committee (RNC) contrived.

However, the emptiness of these charges are obscured by repeated questions raised about Cindy McCain’s wealth that have gone on long before the dust up with the Obamas over patriotism and the demand that Cindy, who is not running for elected office, release her tax returnsPurpose?  Still lacking ammunition for a heavy barrage, the DNC would like to engage in a hunting expedition for new sources of controversy, such as construing beverage sales as “war profiteering.”

Thus far, Left Wing criticism of Cindy McCain has been mostly served up as red meat for the Democrat faithful.  Any attempt to widen these small shots into a full blown media barrage would be ill advised because contrary to how the Left would like to paint her, she isn’t weak but strong.  In fact, Cindy McCain’s stature is such that even her own expressions of modesty can evoke incredulity as she recently did on LA radio.

Endeavoring to explain her and Michelle Obama’s reason for campaigning; Cindy McCain said, “We are here because of our husbands.”

Have your husbands not gotten where they are because of you?

The answer, of course, is an obvious yes.  However, one wouldn’t expect Cindy McCain to say so because that would not embody the qualities we ascribe to gentlewomen; putting all present at ease, suspending judgment, and never focusing attention to oneself.

Regardless of what Mrs. McCain can’t say, that doesn’t make the obvious any less true.  And as Obama’s cannoneers may soon find to their chagrin, stature has nothing to do with money and nothing to do with being a “former beauty queen,” as they would like to diminish her.  It is purely a matter of character.

Cindy McCain did not start her young adult life squandering her inherited wealth and great physical beauty on frivolous pursuits like the Far Left Hollywood set. Instead, she spent her time in the way Republicans are always despised by Democrats: providing Leadership in Service to Others.

Cindy attended the University of Southern California where she focused on children’s physical disabilities.  There, she participated in work called “movement therapy” that ultimately lead to a standard therapy for children with severe disabilities. Still later, she wrote a book, “Movement Therapy: A Possible Approach,” University of Southern California, 1978.

After college, Cindy declined work in the family Anheuser-Busch distributorship, Hensley & Company, to work with disabled children to include Downs Syndrome at Agua Fria (Spanish for Cold Water) High School in Avondale, AZ.

Cindy McCain later founded American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT) after witnessing the substandard facilities available to the residents of the Pacific atoll, Truk Lagoon, in 1984.

Then during the service AVMT rendered following the 1991 Bangladesh Cyclone, Cindy McCain was visiting Mother Theresa’s orphanage in Dhaka (formerly Calcutta,) Bangladesh.  There she met two infant girls needing interdictive medical treatment.

One of the abandoned infants suffered from a cleft palate so severe, the baby was getting to the point she could not eat and would have likely died without surgery.  The government in Bangladesh was doing nothing for the baby so Cindy McCain decided to bring her, along with the second baby girl that had a congenital heart defect, to America where the surgical work the infants desperately needed could be done.

As she was to leave for the airport, Bangladeshi officials sent word that they wanted to see her, so she stopped at their offices first.  Their purpose was to stop the two infant’s departure telling Cindy McCain that there was no need for them to leave as the surgeries could be done in Bangladesh.  Perceiving that they were telling her a lie, Cindy McCain stood her ground and refused to give the babies up.  The meeting turned into a standoff.

After a prolonged period and realizing that time was running out to make their flight, Cindy McCain literally slammed her fist down and called their bluff telling them to go ahead and do it- as in right now.  The officials subsequently signed off on her paperwork and allowed her to depart with the infants.

The baby girl with the cleft palate was adopted by the McCains to become their fourth child, Bridget.  The other baby was adopted by another family.

Although Cindy McCain later expressed astonishment at herself for being so defiant, her fist pounding should have come as no surprise at all.  One only has to look into her piercing blue eyes to see there is real steel there, and the purity of that mettle comes from a lifetime of doing the difficult things that need to be done.

This need to accomplish is perhaps borne of Cindy McCain’s competitive nature that was first made publicly apparent in her bid for the 1968 title of Junior Rodeo Queen of Arizona.   She was just 14 years of age.  This rodeo crown is what her detractors still refer to as a “beauty pageant” 40 years later.

The inconvenient truth is that to win that title Cindy had to demonstrate her own rodeo competence visàvis horsemanship.  And today she enjoys driving high speed race cars, and is also a private aircraft pilot.

What Democrat operatives would hope to accomplish in their broadsides against Cindy McCain is dispel all of that and paint a false picture of her as a fragile and seriously flawed and out of touch wife of an equally flawed and out of touch Republican Senator.

As we have surveyed thus far, this picture is not remotely true and even women with sparse knowledge of Cindy McCain innately sense it.

The fact is that Cindy McCain is a deeply caring woman who has seen her wealth as an opportunity to work for some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.  At the same time, she is the wife to a high profile U.S. Senator and Vietnam War hero, and former CEO of a very serious medical charity that did its work on a global scale; not to mention a mother to four children.

Although AVMT discontinued operations in 1995, Cindy McCain has continued her charity work by sitting on the board of directors for Operation Smile, which does cleft lip and palate repair surgeries worldwide, CARE, an international relief and humanitarian organization, and HALO Trust, specializing in the removal of war debris including land mines and other munitions from some of the world’s worst war torn areas.

Cindy McCain continues to work for these charities even though she has both suffered and recovered from a near fatal stroke in 2004.

So when Cindy McCain strides across stage with the aplomb of a super model, women admire her and men respect her not for her marriage to John McCain, but for her own considerable merits.

It is then that you realize that everything else aside, should she become first lady, Cindy McCain could well stand at the threshold of real greatness; poised to step out and lead in a time of such challenge no first lady has had to face before.

For the public, that knowledge may make all the difference and far from being turned into a campaign liability for her husband, the back blast on Obama from a politically motivated barrage could truly make Cindy McCain this election year’s October Surprise. 

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Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel. Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a former college professor and is GCN's Washington correspondent on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive.

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