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The Perfect Storm : Election 2008

Using A Single Master Strategy Designed To Bring About Institutional Dysfunction And Voter Diffidence, Obama’s Success Sprang Forth From A Subversive Form of Marxist Radicalism.

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By Perry Hicks- Special to GulfCoastNews.com    11/08/08

Republican Party leaders have already begun to rationalize their resounding defeat in this year’s election.  With certainty they will lay blame to the McCain campaign’s failure to win over the independent voter. 

While on this point of independent voters they may be correct, however, on the methodology of redress one may be assured that they will be absolutely incorrect in their conclusions.  Wrong headedness has simply become part of their DNA.

Furthermore, regardless of what the pundits will opine about Sarah Palin, her campaign performance was nothing short of stellar.  She breathed life into a campaign that was up to that point moribund.  Without her, McCain’s losses would have been much, much greater.

Democrat operatives recognized her potential almost immediately, and after recovering from their brief shock at her selection by McCain, worked very hard to discredit her just as they worked very hard to discredit Cindy McCain.

Cindy likewise had posed a massive threat as it would have been very easy, particularly for women, to become her unabashed fan.  Cindy McCain’s natural compassion, long list of accomplishments, and lifetime of good works combined with her photo model beauty made for a woman easy for other women to admire.  So Cindy had to be destroyed.

The problem with McCain’s campaign was that managerial-wise they were outclassed.  The campaign failed to set a vision and walled itself off from the very core grass roots it needed for both momentum and money.

Added to this, it pursued the approval of a hostile media while eschewing the very media that would have given Cindy McCain and later Sarah Palin favorable reviews.

Finally, the campaign was up against forces it must have had no concept of its scope and evil intent because it displayed no apparent desire to articulate the extent of that threat to the American public.

Defining Interviews Unfavorable

Great is truth, but still greater… is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects…  totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have done by the most eloquent denunciations.  -Aldous Huxley 1946 Forward to Brave New World

When Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain’s running mate, instead of rolling her out through friendly venues first, then following those up next with objective ones, the campaign quite unprofessionally introduced her to America through the known-to-be-hostile mainstream ABC News.

When they did that, no matter how badly conducted, ABC, and the subsequent one with CBS News’s Katie Couric, became the defining interviews and everyone would see them as such.  Unfortunately, Palin will have to live down the reputation generated by them for the rest of her life.

The McCain campaign’s obsession with ABC News was very disconcerting.  After Cindy McCain’s experience with Stephanopoulos, a former highly partisan mouth piece for the Clinton Administration they put Palin before good ‘ol Charlie Gibson to be interrogated on the Bush Doctrine.

As Charles Krauthammer schools Gibson and the New York Times in his September 13th column, there have been four distinctly different so-called Bush Doctrines.  What Gibson actually did was confuse the first doctrine that came into existence before 9-11 with the third doctrine for justifying pre-emptive war least more innocent Americans die on American soil.

Hence, when Palin replied to Gibson’s loaded open ended question with a question, asking, “In what respect, Charlie?” this was the Democrat’s opportunity to forever interpret her response as an admission that she was ignorant; never mind that Gibson was utterly clueless himself!  All that will ever matter is that Palin did not deftly handle a gotcha question that had multiple loaded answers.

Of course, that is the intent of gotcha questions: Put you in a freeze frame of faux embarrassment. 

To borrow a line from the Democrat’s themselves, the insufficiently nuanced public did not know the difference and bought good ‘ol Charlie’s condescending tone, as he looked down over his eyeglasses and repeatedly asked Palin about the doctrine, as if his hostile questioning alone was an indication that he knew of what he spoke.

Allowing this to happen exposed the McCain campaign management as being a gaggle of rank amateurs that were utterly lost to the number one lesson borne home by eight years of the Bush Administration: The net effect of repeated negative political messages- delivered in error, or worse, delivered as lies- culminate in massive political damage.

The Obama campaign hammered home several messages built on lies and with the help of the activist mainstream press made them stick.  One of the lies helped along first by the Gibson interview and later with Katie Couric’s was that Sarah Palin was not ready to be president of the United States.

A second one was Gibson’s effort to prove that the McCain/Palin Administration would be a continuance of the Bush/Cheney Administration vis-ŕ-vis Palin’s apparent inability to articulate any difference in policy.

At the same time, the mainstream press mentioned nary a word of Obama’s questionable citizenship, his adult career seeped in the radical Marxist New Left movement, its intentional undermining of the United States of America via the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and its methodology of infiltration and subversion from within.

In other words, the public was never made aware that Barack Obama came from the surviving domestic subversive remnant of the Cold War.  It remains to be seen how the public will react when the truth finally comes out over the coming months.

Long ago any mention of this communist underground has been discredited and its existence pretended to have simply gone away.  But as we can see, they were hard at work right before our very eyes, taking taxpayer money to not just keep their networks alive, but increased their influence under the guise of “community organizing.”

Lack of Vision

Of course, Palin could not possibly have expressed a coherent policy that would differentiate McCain/Palin from Bush/Cheney because McCain had not yet established any coherent message at all until the accidental arrival of “Joe the Plumber.”

What was needed was a short list plan that could be clearly and easily articulated as to what the McCain/Palin administration intended to do during its first four years.  Using the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid), the public would not be able to be sold a bill of goods that McCain/Palin was going to be the Bush administration all over again.

The lack of vision negatively impacted the campaign.  Given the level of Bush hatred within the Democrat Party- a level so high Democrat vice presidential candidate Joe Biden had even stated an Obama Administration will undertake the unprecedented step of prosecuting members of the previous administration for what some would want to call “Bush Crimes-” it should have been no surprise to the campaign that Gibson would query Palin about Bush Administration policies.

However, conservatism does work every time it is tried and if a plan for lower taxes, smaller government, more freedom were to be rolled out it would have been sensational.  All that would have to be shown is that the alternative is a form of slavery, which is the literal truth.

An example of a good simple ten point plan might be:

  1. National program to provide U.S. energy independence in some realistic time frame. (I realize Obama has done already done this but this is essential to America's well being and helps insure U.S. sovereignty into the future.)
  1. National program to transform American farming away from petroleum based agriculture. (Improves sustainability and price stability of U.S. food supply.)
  1. Begin immediate action to begin recalling the vast sea of dollars circulating outside the borders of the United States. (Will stabilize and raise value of dollar.)
  1. Balance the Federal Budget. (Stabilize and raise value of dollar.)
  1. Lower the Federal debt. (Stabilize and raise value of dollar; helps insure U.S. Sovereignty.)
  1. Rebuild America’s industrial base. (Insure U.S. Sovereignty, stabilize and raise value of dollar.)
  1. Vigorously control the borders. (Improve safety and security of U.S., helps insure sovereignty, stabilize and raise wage levels, lower budget deficits, lower health care costs.  Eschewed by McCain- big mistake.)  Part of this might be to assist Mexico in crushing narco-corruption and so bring peace and security to that country.  Once this is done, then the border might be treated more like Canada’s.
  1. Fight wars so they will be won quickly. (Reduce costs, save lives, spare political tensions.  Part of McCain’s Lexicon.)
  1. End deficit trade balances. (Press for fair trade so foreign blockades to our products are taken down or barriers here to their products will go up.)
  1. Rationalize and simplify tax laws. (Unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit that will grow the economy, increase employment, and bring more revenue into the U.S. Treasury.)

Lack of Recognition

As of Wednesday morning, the popular vote stood percentage wise at 53% of the vote for Obama vs. 47% for McCain, numbers well within the parameters of the polls.  These numbers would at first suggest that ballot box stuffing by such actors as ACORN and like organizations had little impact.  However, pollsters cannot be certain as to whom they are addressing and there remains a real concern that this election was no more fairly conducted than in previous years.  Indeed, it could well have been worse.

The McCain campaign appears to have had no stomach to recognize the impact of illegal immigration and motor voter laws on voting rolls, and public tax payer support for lopsided community organizing efforts such as ACORN and like organizations.  Indeed, the McCain campaign did not appear to have any cognizance of the forces it was up against at all.

Obama Election Triumph of Subversive Radicalism

We will build the New World Order piece by piece right under their noses" (the American people). "The house of the New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. An end run around sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal attack." Richard Gardner, leading American Socialist, Foreign Affairs - The Journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), April 1974, quoted from John Coleman's new book Socialism: The Road To Slavery [WIR, 2533 N. Carson St., #J118, Carson City, NV 89706 - 800-942-0821].

McCain’s reach-across-the-isle pronouncements that Obama is a “good man” and that America has “nothing to fear” from him will be proofs to history that not only did McCain have no idea what he was up against, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Even without the speculation that Obama is not a U.S. citizen, the time line of Obama’s professional development as a community organizer is an impressive one.  The term “organizer” of course is a euphemism for "revolutionary" whereas the ultimate objective is an incremental but ultimately radical transformation of America into a Marxist state.

Using a plan set forth by two Columbia University professors called the Cloward-Piven Strategy; the radical organizing community’s goal is to bring about sufficient chaos and dissention by artificially causing systemic dysfunction in the nation’s institutions.

As governmental and even private sector systems become increasingly dysfunctional, the public will become demoralized and frustrated.  As situations brought about by continuous crises cripple society, the entire system will come to be viewed as so utterly flawed it will be therefore wholly beyond the possibility of repair.

The system, which in our case would be a free market capitalist republic, then undergoes a complete collapse due to the citizen’s total loss of confidence.  The remains of the collapsed system is swept away and replaced by an entirely new socialist one created by the very radical organizers who artificially manufactured the various crises that caused the collapse to begin with.

When one comes to understand and accept this methodology is at work here, then one may realize the advanced extent to which the Democrat Party has been radicalized and the true nature of the many controversies raised over the last twenty years: Motor Voter, Gay Marriage, Gay Boy Scout Troop Leaders, Separation of Church and State, Hate Crimes, Gerrymandering of Congressional Districts, Hanging Chads, Ballot Box Stuffing, Voting Machine Controversy, Illegal Immigration, Global Warming, 9-11 Accusations and much, much more.

All of the aforementioned controversies are designed to foster discontent, frustration, and a lack of confidence in the system.  All are designed to throw sand into the smooth running machinery of a well functioning society.

All are methods of selling out our constitution so that it may ultimately be either replaced or at least amended sufficiently to become something else.  Note Obama’s lamentations about the Constitution being a document of “negative rights.”

 What the McCain campaign was up against was evil but yet it could not or would not bring itself to recognize it as such and so was not able to mount an effective battle plan.

To put it more succinctly, Election 2008 was not a political contest waged in honor between gentlemen.

I know that is what John McCain believes, but that is precisely why his campaign was doomed to failure.

Consider Obama’s timeline to the presidency (see sidebar.)  Phil Berg’s assertions concerning Obama’s foreign birth have been included and so notated since his appeal has reached the Supreme Court for consideration.  But even without Berg, Obama’s ascent has been from a subversive radical Marxist base with ample foreign involvement:

Unfortunately, none of these associations were revealed to the public either by the mainstream press or the McCain campaign.  Accordingly, the public has elected a candidate under false pretenses.

The public believes Obama is representative of something politically that is actually anathema to his core values.  Obama has mocked McCain for calling him a socialist when in fact he is far more- a Marxist working within the system he is dedicated to destroy; or in his parlance, “remake.”

But then again, it would be a shock to most voters, including his own constituents, to learn that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not a mere Democrat; by philosophy he is actually a Marxist-economist.

Final Component to the Perfect Storm

However impressive the effort behind Obama to see him elected, it alone would likely not been enough to propel him into the Oval Office.  The Perfect Storm needed one last component: A global financial meltdown.

   (Click Here for Part 2)

About the Author.....

Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel. Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a former college professor and is GCN's Washington correspondent on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive.

Contact the Author: arielsquarefour@hotmail.com

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