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Railroad Bridges To Close When Sustained Winds Reach 35 MPH

From: DMR News Release   Filed 8/29/08  GCN

BILOXI, Miss. – CXS Railroad has informed the Department of Marine Resources (DMR) and the U.S. Coast Guard that all railroad bridges in Mississippi coastal counties will close when sustained winds reach 35 miles per hour. Bridges will be left in the closed position.

All boaters should proceed with caution and be aware that winds can rise suddenly. Boaters will not be able to access inland waterways if the railroad bridges are closed.

“Once sustained winds reach 35 mph, you will not be able to get your boat to safe harbor,” said Lt. Donald Armes of the DMR Marine Patrol. “All boaters should make advanced preparations for their vessels.”

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources is dedicated to enhancing, protecting and conserving marine interests of the state by managing all marine life, public trust wetlands, adjacent uplands and waterfront areas to provide for the optimal commercial, recreational, educational and economic uses of these resources consistent with environmental concerns and social changes. Visit the DMR online at dmr.ms.gov.

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