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Harrison County Sheriff Online Docket Back on the Internet
by Keith Burton - 12/03/08

The Harrison County jail docket is finally back on the Internet following more than 11-months. The online docket was among the most popular features of the sheriff's official website that was first placed online by former Sheriff George Payne in 2003.

The current sheriff, Melvin Brisolara campaigned on changing the docket and information on the website over concerns that there was too much information online for people to see and Brisolara removed the docket shortly after taking office. But when the docket was promised to return shortly after it went down, and didn't return immediately, people started complaining. Numerous posts to the GCN Message Board have been filed over the months since the docket had been offline. The new version went up on Monday.

The sheriff's home page has been revised with a new look and additional information.

There are some changes to what people can see regarding the arrests of individuals. The link to Harrison County inmates allows computer users to view the names, charges, pictures and bond amounts on detainees booked within the past 30 days. The search is by last name only and the new format doesn't include inmates' ages, home addresses or arrest locations.

Still, the site is the only one in the state that gives real-time information from a docket. In a few counties, limited information is posted on the Internet as a list of recent detainees.

Navigating the sheriff's new website is also different. Access to the docket from the main page is fairly straight forward. Go to www.harrisoncountysheriff.com  and click on "citizen services." Then click on "searchable databases" and the link that says "Harrison County detainees." Visitors to the website can also follow links for information about state and federal prisoners, sex offenders and "most wanted" lists from both state and federal agencies.

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