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Progress Finally Evident as Gulfport Repairs City Hall Roof
by Keith Burton - GCN   8/19/08

Work has been slow on repairs to the Katrina-damaged roof on Gulfport's City Hall since work began several weeks ago. But Tuesday, the day before President George Bush makes a repeat visit to the Coast, workers clearly had picked up the pace.

It will be three years since the powerful hurricane lashed the Coast on August 29, 2005. Since then Gulfport's City Hall has seen very little work until recently. Just this past week, during heaving rains that have been pounding the Coast, rainwater drained from the leaky roof into the City Council Chambers and into the offices of former City Attorney Harry Hewes, reportedly soaking some files and computers.

The lack of repairs on City Hall has drawn the ire of many residents who have watched Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr restore a house he wants to live in near completion just off the beach (photo right) while City Hall, the people's house, has been left exposed. Even before the repairs underway now got underway, the city had let the temporary plastic roof decompose. The building needs major renovations inside, which will be part of the city's repairs soon.

The building hasn't been renovated in 30 years and the repairs. The building was built in 1905. Contractors will replacing all the roofing and the building's ornate cornices. A contract for the interior is expected to be accepted within a week. The costs for the exterior is over $300,000. Meanwhile, the renovations call for repainting the building an off white color and not its familiar light blue.

President Bush is visiting the Coast again to check on the progress of the Katrina recovery.


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