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Biloxi Reports on Status of City's Police and Fire Departments
From: City of Biloxi   Filed 9/1/08  GCN

Biloxi Police Chief Bruce Dunagan said additional officers would be patrolling the streets Monday morning beginning at 7. Dunagan’s officers are tasked with protecting property where owners have evacuated and enforcing the city’s curfew, which goes into effect at 10 tonight and remains in effect until further notice.

“We’ve continued to work our storm plan,” Dunagan said. “And things are going well.”

Biloxi Fire Chief David Roberts said the department’s entire command staff would be on duty this evening at 8, and a second shift of firefighters would report for duty this evening.

“We’ll have both shifts on duty throughout the day tomorrow,” Roberts said, “and once the threat passes, we’ll have the third shift come into relieve these two.”

Roberts also said all non-essential equipment – such as the department’s fire boat and spare fire trucks -- has been removed from Stations 2 and 3, the department’s Point Cadet and Back Bay stations that flooded during the Katrina. Said Roberts: “If we need to move firefighters from those stations in a hurry, we’ll be ready to do so.”

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