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Use Caution on Returning to Homes and Businesses
From: MEMA News Release   Filed 9/2/08  8:30 a.m.

Harrison County, Miss. – Keep safety foremost on returning to homes and businesses after Hurricane Gustav.  That’s the message from officials with the county emergency management agency and the state department of health.

Observe speed limits; wear seat belts; do not drive when sleepy.  Stay calm behind the wheel.

To avoid injury and illness resulting from clean-up and repairs:

·         Look for structural damage before entering a building.

·         Wear sturdy shoes and long pants.

·         Stay alert for protruding nails, broken glass and sheet metal with exposed sharp edges.

·         Use great caution with chainsaws and other power tools requiring knowledge and skill.

·         Remove limbs from trees and topple damaged trees with utmost care.  It’s best to use professional tree surgeons.

·         Watch for loose or dangling power lines and broken sewer, water or gas lines.  People untrained with utilities should not touch them. Call local officials immediately on finding damaged utilities.  Call the gas company from outside a building where a leak is suspected.

·         Be sure all electrical appliances and outlets are dry before using them.

·         Discard previously-frozen food that has thawed.

·         Avoid overexertion in high heat and humidity.  Drink lots of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated liquids, before, during and after heavy work.  Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink.

·         Watch for snakes, vermin and spiders that may have taken refuge inside.

·         In a fire, police or medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

Think back on when you were last vaccinated for tetanus.  A tetanus shot will protect you from a serious disease sometimes called “lockjaw,” which comes from cuts and penetrating wounds such as stepping on a nail.  People over 19 should get a tetanus booster shot every ten years.  If you’re not sure if your tetanus inoculation is under ten years old or if you’ve never been vaccinated again tetanus, get the shot.

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