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MDOT to Begin Contraflow on Interstates 59 & 55 on Sunday

From: MEMA News Release   Filed 8/30/08  GCN

JACKSON, MISS., Saturday, August 30, 2008--- Contraflow for Interstates 55 and 59 is slated to being at 4 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 31 beginning at the Mississippi-Louisiana border.

 “Contraflow” or lane reversal involves restricting all lanes of Interstate 55 and Interstate 59 to northbound travel only. 

In anticipation of this 4 a.m. start of contraflow on Interstates 59 and 55, MDOT is staging equipment and placing personnel on standby to implement contraflow operations.

Contraflow operations will begin in Louisiana and extend into Mississippi for 21 miles on I-59 and 31 miles on I-55.  Motorists traveling on Interstate 59 should be aware that contraflow will end just south of Poplarville. Traffic traveling on Interstate 55 will end just south of Brookhaven at Highway 84. Louisiana will determine when contraflow is terminated based upon traffic volume.

The Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol is patrolling the perimeter of the interstate system and assisting MDOT, when requested, on the contraflowed segments.

MDOT urges motorists to review the Hurricane Evacuation Guide or the on-line map ahead of time so that you can view the list of evacuation routes that are available while planning your travel routes.  If you would like to view the evacuation map on line, log onto www.goMDOT.com

MDOT Call Center has also been activated for the public’s convenience to obtain traffic information.  Motorists can contact our Call Center hotline at 1-866-521-MDOT (6368) and can log onto our website at MSTraffic.com for traffic information.

A Message From Governor Haley Barbour

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The State of Mississippi is assisting Louisiana with contraflow operations for Interstate 59 and Interstate 55.   This means all lanes will be dedicated to northbound traffic beginning Sunday at 4:00 a.m.

Contraflow will end in MS just south of Poplarville on Interstate 59 and at the Highway 84 interchange near Brookhaven on Interstate 55.  

It is expected that areas near these routes and all other major northbound highways will experience congestion as a result of evacuation traffic from both Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Please consider this if you plan to travel on or near these routes."


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