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Curfew Starts at 10 PM Sunday for All of Harrison County
From: Harrison County EOC News Release   Filed 8/31/08  GCN

Harrison County, Miss. – The Harrison County Board of Supervisors and mayors of all municipalities in the county have ordered curfew countywide, including the cities, starting at 10 pm today (Sunday, August 31).


The curfew will continue on through the day on Monday and indefinitely thereafter without interruption until those officials lift it. Officials said the order was made to protect life and property as Hurricane Gustav approaches the county.


A curfew order requires everyone to remain at their homes or other shelter during specified hours.


During curfew hours, law enforcement officers may stop any driver or pedestrian and direct him or her to return to shelter. Officers are authorized to make exceptions for people dealing with an emergency that requires leaving one’s home or other shelter.

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