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Jackson County Reports Storm Damages

All County offices reopen Wednesday

From: Jackson County EOC  09/02/09   3:23 p.m.  GCN

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors met this morning (Sept. 2) with department heads and managers to access damage from Hurricane Gustav. Their reports are below:

  • The Lake Mars Pier is closed in Fontainebleau Community. Storm surge and wave action removed the end of the pier. The County Recreation Department will reopen half of the pier after crews remove debris and damaged decking. The Lake Mars Pier was underwater for more than 12 hours during the Hurricane Gustav landfall.
  • The Web Landing boat ramp in the St. Andrews Community is partially closed. Storm surge removed a 20-foot section of pier along the ramp’s edge. The Fort Bayou boat ramp in St. Martin was partially damaged as well with the lost of 15 feet of pier.
  • A 30-foot span of asphalt on Fontainebleau Road was washed out by Gustav. County Road crews have filled the washed out area with a combination of gravel and shell as a temporary fix.
  • The Road Department estimate 15,000 to 18,000 cubic yards of sand was washed away from Ocean Springs’ beach front. The Road Dept. estimates 2,500 cubic yards of sand was lost at Pascagoula’s beach. Crews will start removing debris from both beaches on Wednesday, September 3. Residents are asked to be cautious if walking on the beach.
  • The County’s Maintenance Department is reporting five County facilities with minor damage: roof leaks, power outages, and air conditioning problems.
  • The Ocean Spring Harbor weathered Hurricane Gustav extremely well. The Harbor Master reports four finger piers received minor damage, and washout behind a bulkhead.  All of the “pier-side” electrical hookups were flooded, the County’s Maintenance Department is checking on the level of damage. None of the 158 boats/vessels staying in the harbor were severally damaged. 
  • Delta Sanitation is starting household trash pick up again today for the unincorporated areas of the County. Delta crews will run one day behind their normal schedule. Delta crews will also pick up storm debris as long as it is bundled or contained in a trash can or trash bag.
  • The County Road Department and Solid Waste Department is also beginning storm debris removal this week. Residents are asked to put vegetation debris at least eight feet from the roadside. Also make sure not to cover or surround fire hydrants, utility boxes, and meters with debris.
  • Supervisors moved today’s regularly scheduled Board meeting to 9 a.m. tomorrow morning (Sept. 3). All County offices will reopen on tomorrow (Sept. 3).
  • Emergency Operations Director Butch Loper is also stressing safety at home and work as citizens start the clean up process this week, especially when operating generators and chain saws.

Generator Safety:

o        Only connect the generator to appliances. Never plug a generator into any power outlet in your home. Connecting a portable electric generator directly to your household wiring can be deadly to you and to others.

o        Use properly sized polarized extension cords; overloading a cord may cause a fire.

o        Never use a generator inside. Only use generators outside in well-ventilated areas.

o        Keep generators away from doors, windows, vents, or air conditioning equipment that could allow exhaust fumes to come indoors.

o        Always locate your generator outside on a dry surface.

o        Before refueling, let the engine cool for at least two minutes to prevent fires. Turn off all appliances connected to the generator before refueling.

o        Always follow the instructions that come with your generator.

Chain Saw Safety:

o       Operate, adjust, and maintain the saw according to manufacturer’s instructions.

o        Choose the proper size of chain saw to match the job.

o        Wear the appropriate protective equipment- safety glasses, hearing protection, heavy work gloves, and cut-resistant leg-wear.

o        Avoid contact with power lines.

o        Always cut at waist level or below to ensure that you maintain secure control over the chain saw.

o        Bystanders or coworkers should remain at least two tree lengths away. If injury occurs, apply direct pressure over site(s) of heavy bleeding; this act may save a life.

All official County announcements and news releases will come from the County’s Emergency Management Office and/or Public Information Office. All storm updates will also be posted on the County’s website for verification.

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