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Keesler Officials Caution Residents of HURCON 2

by Keesler Public Affairs
81st Training Wing

Keesler AFB has declared Hurricane Condition Two, as 50-knot winds are expected here within 24 hours.

The 81st Training Wing commander has ordered an evacuation order for all Keesler non-storm essential employees and all family members no earlier than 6 am and no later than 6 pm effective Sunday, August 31, 2008.

All non-storm mission-essential personnel and their dependents residing within 75 miles of Keesler AFB are ordered to evacuate. Also, civilians and their dependents residing within 75 miles of Keesler AFB are authorized to evacuate.

Evacuating personnel must evacuate a minimum of 150 miles and shall not exceed a maximum of a 750 mile radius from Keesler AFB. Evacuating personnel shall contact the Keesler Accountability Team, 1-800-673-9356, upon arrival at their evacuation point. After arrival all personnel will contact Air Force Personnel Center Randolph AFB, 1-800-435-9941, daily for further instructions. Mileage and proportional per diem are authorized. As directed, storm mission essential personnel shall proceed to their designated locations and await further instructions. All personnel should use their unit control center as the central point of contact for evacuation information.

Base personnel and their family members should continue to monitor TV or radio broadcasts for the latest developments on Hurricane Gustav.

During HURCON 2, all personnel on or off base should:
a. Fill jugs, bottles and other containers with drinking water.
b. Put important personal papers and valuable items in a waterproof strong box.
c. Notify relatives of your intentions and location during the storm.
d. Inform relatives to minimize calls.

Further information is available to personnel and their family members via the Keesler AFB public Web site at www.keesler.af.mil , or by calling the 81st Training Wing Straight Talk Line recorded message at 228-377-3901.

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