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Coastal Residents Urged to Wait to Return Home
From: MEMA   Filed 9/1/08  GCN 1:58 p.m.

PEARL Road conditions will be improving as the storm moves out of your home area. Residents that have been evacuated are encouraged not to return to their homes until local officials say that it is safe.

Weather conditions may have improved, but downed trees and power lines may still pose a severe risk to residents. 

Power outages may be ongoing and it will take some time to restore your area’s infrastructure as it may be severely compromised.  Telephone service may be interrupted as well as cell towers. Food, supplies, or gas may not be available if you return to your home too soon.

Please listen to local news for updates regarding conditions in your home area.

For more information call MEMA’s Public Information Line at 866-519-MEMA or the Media line at 866-920-MEMA or visit www.msema.org.

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