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Mississippi Among States With Lawsuit in Federal Court Regarding Obama's Proof of Citizenship

by Keith Burton - GCN 12/5/08

The question of proof over Presidential-Elect Barack Obama's citizenship is at the center of a federal lawsuit filed in Hattiesburg before U.S. District Judge Keith Starrett. The lawsuit is among a series of lawsuits filed around the country that seek Obama's proof of being a natural born American citizen.

The Mississippi lawsuit was filed November 3, prior to the election, and to date it has received no press coverage within Mississippi and virtually nowhere else either.

Questions regarding Obama's citizenship surfaced during the presidential campaign. Obama has never released an official birth certificate or many of his college records and has been fighting the release of the documents for months in the various court cases. The U.S. Constitution requires all presidential candidates to be natural born American citizens. While Obama insists that the issue is ridiculous, he has yet to produce any documents that could verify his citizenship with certainty. It turns out that there is no standard verification process and no federal or state agency actually verify whether presidential candidates meet the Constitutional requirements.

In the Mississippi case titled Thomas et al vs Hosemann the plaintiffs are seeking to require Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann to verify proof of citizenship from all of the presidential candidates. The lawsuit also seeks to require the Secretary of State to establish a standard procedure for verifying candidate's qualifications, including citizenship, which currently does not exist.

According to Jackson attorney James Bell, of Bell and Associates,  who is representing Thomas and other plaintiffs, the case is still being considered. A motion to dismiss the lawsuit has been filed by Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, a democrat, in behalf of Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a republican. However, Judge Starrett has yet to act on the motion.

There is a key date regarding the Obama citizenship issue. Bell tells GulfCoastNews.com that the lawsuit seeks a decision before December 15, when the Electoral College actually votes to finalize the November election results.

Bell says GCN is the first media outlet to actually call his office about the Mississippi Obama citizenship case.

GCN contacted Secretary of State Hosemann's office. A spokesperson had no comment on the case or the status of the lawsuit.

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