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Cong. Gene Taylor Sends Letter to FEMA Over No Ice Policy
by Keith Burton - GCN  6/14/08

FEMA's new No Ice policy is drawing fire from around the nation and from local and state officials. After FEMA official botched delivery and storage of ice for Katrina survivors following the hurricane the agency decided that ice after hurricanes is a "comfort item."

This had drawn a sharply critical letter from Cong. Gene Taylor Friday, June 13, to FEMA regarding their new policy.

"This decision is very troublesome is two ways. First, it is highly insulting to millions of residents of coastal states who have experienced major  hurricanes when the agency in charge of the federal response says that ice is a luxury rather than a necessity," Taylor writes.

Taylor later adds, "Second, this decision confirms my suspicion that FEMA has learned nothing from the failures of the Katrina response and relief effort..."

State, county and city governments are now appealing to FEMA to rescind the new ice policy. All believe the FEMA action is wrong and potentially dangerous in future hurricanes. The lack of ice is more than a minor issue, it affects lives and whether people can live after hurricanes with temperatures typically close to 100 degrees, which can spoil food, ruin medicines and make even regular drinking water unpalatable

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