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 Double Trouble
Sarah And Cindy Have Put The Obama Campaign In Jeopardy.  The Candidate Himself Is A Big Enough Man To Just Stand Back And Smile.

By Perry Hicks- special to GulfCoastNews.com  9/8/08

The fact that Governor Palin is not part of the ruling class is a point of concern for the left leaning political establishment.  She is an unknown cipher that resonates not only with the everyday man, but also the everyday woman.  With the exception of her stands on guns and abortion, Palin would be a hero within the Democrat party.

However, what really upsets Democrats about Sarah Palin is what upsets them about Cindy McCain (Photo left).  These two women do not cloak themselves in victimhood but have used their ample abilities to go out and do something greater than themselves: Service for others. Combined together in association on one ticket, Sarah and Cindy, the wife of Sen. John McCain, spell double trouble for Barack Obama and the “No, we can’t” Democrats.

Indeed, the Democrat Party has evolved into the party of denial- the party that takes things away.  Using the increasingly discredited theory of global warming as an excuse, the Democrats want is to literally take away what is left of America’s prosperity.  They would do this through massive transfer of wealth programs under the guise of purchasing carbon credits, limiting the amount and kind of energy we consume, and even telling us what kind of food we will eat.  When Obama says he will remake America, he is telling us the literal truth.

Under such a scenario, the benefit to the socialists running the government of course would be that unemployment would skyrocket, the dollar would become worthless fueling inflation, and so government itself would be forced to socialize more and more of the private sector; health, energy, transportation, and perhaps even agriculture.

To quell the resistance, and perhaps even uprising against these massive governmental grabs, the Obama administration would have to suspend both the first and second amendments.  The FCC has already stated that should a Fairness Doctrine be imposed to control free speech on talk radio, the internet would also be included.  And even after losing its case in the Supreme Court where it defended the effective banning of guns even in private homes, the city of Washington D.C. continues the practice.

Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain have not only energized the Republican conservative base, it has drawn the attention of women who now see the Republicans as the party for empowered women.  Accordingly, an untold number of embittered Hillary supporters are coming over to vote the McCain ticket, even if they have to hold their liberal noses over subject of abortion.

Furthermore, the savage attacks on Palin’s daughter smacks of hypocrisy and mean spiritedness that spotlights Obama’s lack of qualifications and policy substance.

In other words, the Republican Convention last week stripped Obama of his celebrity status.  He is now exposed as an ordinary candidate.  The Obama-Messiah effect is effectively over.

John McCain in taking a step back has also shown the depth of his character.  He has shown that his presidential campaign is not all about him; it is about as he would say it, America First.

Contrary to the Democrat’s taunt of “McSame,” implying McCain would be just another George W. Bush, in one masterful stroke John McCain has pulled his party together, made conservatives proud to be Republicans again, and put the Democrats on the defensive.  This is something the current president could never do.

Yes, to shamelessly borrow from another old line; there is a new day dawning in America.  It’s finally a day of America First.

And America First is antithetical to any plank of the Democrat’s message which is all about race, is all about gender, is all about party.

The truth is that it is all about America, our unique culture, our history of struggle for individual liberty, and the sacrifices our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, citizens and even new immigrants have had to make to keep us free.

So the lesson should not be lost on us when John McCain explains that it is more important to him that the person on the other side of an issue is an American.  It is the hallmark of a true patriot.

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Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel. Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a former college professor and is GCN's Washington correspondent on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive.

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