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John McCain
Faith of Our Fathers

The Noise And Theatre Of The Opposition Aside; There Can Be Depth And Power In McCain’s Clear Quiet Voice Of Reason.

By Perry Hicks and Keith Burton- Special to GulfCoastNews.com

When Barack Obama complains that the McCain campaign has not issued “a positive thing… in a month, all they do is run me down,” what Obama hopes to do is evade the fact that McCain’s assertions are true.

Accordingly, Obama attempted to change the subject by playing the race card “from the bottom of the deck,” as McCain campaign manager Rick Davis characterized it.  However, Obama also unwittingly gave Davis and his boss some sage advice.

Referring to the television ad comparing Obama’s popularity to the empty celebrity of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, an obviously stung Obama struck back saying, “So far, all we've been hearing about is Paris Hilton. I do have to ask my opponent: ‘Is that the best you can do? Is that what this election is really all about? Is that worthy of the American people?’”

Although the ad is valid, it is incumbent upon the McCain campaign to deliver a positive case as to why the public should vote for their candidate.  Rationalizing why the public should reject Obama will not be enough, and unlike in the past, McCain’s inherent goodness will probably not be enough to carry him to victory.

Framed in terms of the spiritual warfare Obama has employed through his clever manipulation of the words faith and hope; McCain cannot win by fighting darkness with darkness for there is no power within it.

Instead, McCain must defeat his opponent by filling- flooding if you will- Obama’s darkness with light.  This is why the cruel and often inhuman attacks on McCain’s wife, Cindy, have actually harmed Obama, particularly in the knowledge- in the light- of her lifetime of good works.

However, to defeat Barack Obama and his Hollywood celebrity machine McCain cannot afford to spend two more months simply pulling buckets of darkness from a deep empty well.

What McCain must do is draw from his own spiritual arsenal the weapons to do real battle; focus the American public on the central idea differentiating the two candidates and the likely outcomes that would result from each candidate’s victory.  In this way, it would give the voters a clear choice and hopefully reconcile McCain with his conservative base thus energizing them on his behalf.

Our suggestion is to turn the Democrat’s “tired old ideas” accusation around against them by defining McCain’s “old” ideas as the timeless Declarationist principles of the Founding Fathers.

Logically then what the Democrats and Obama are rejecting are the underpinnings of the U.S. Constitution which all presidents must either make an oath or otherwise affirm to defend.  Therefore, a rejection of the Declarationist Principles is tantamount to a rejection of the Constitution itself.

McCain should contrast the timeless efficacy of the Declarationist principles to Obama’s nouveau notions of “A World That Stands As One:” i.e. “One World Government” by which we would surrender ourselves to international authority and thereby voluntarily cast aside our liberty.

Clearly outline McCain’s own plan to address the impending issues approaching just over America’s event horizon: The rapid decline of relatively inexpensive and easy to get oil; falling dollar valuation; final destruction of the U.S. industrial base (key to debt and dollar values;) fair trade; massive narco-insurgency on our southern border; and health system finance issues, just to name a few.

Finally, take a Reagan-like stance and remind the American people that comparative to the rest of the world, they have nothing to be ashamed of about their country.  The record of the United States is second  to none.

While the Founding Fathers may have inherited some problems, over time we as a nation have not only worked to resolve them, we have shed more of our own blood and spent more of our own treasure than any nation in the history of mankind to free over a billon people worldwide from enslavement to tyranny.

Buffoonery in Berlin

It has become fashionable for Democrat presidential hopefuls to compare themselves to the last good administration their party had in the White House nearly 48 years ago; John F. Kennedy’s oft referred to “Camelot.”  Similar comparisons were made at the outset of Bill Clinton’s presidency and Obama’s candidacy is no different.

And just as Kennedy went to Berlin to and made a memorable speech, successive presidents have tried to follow to make their own mark, as well.  Most are forgotten, but some have resulted in sheer buffoonery.

Even Kennedy made a gaff in June 1963 when in trying to say to say in German that he too was a Berliner, included the indefinite article “ein” so that what came out instead was the announcement that he was a “cream filled pastry.”  Kennedy must have caught it himself because he turned and said smiling how much he appreciated his German interpreter.

Still, Kennedy was a world leader during an historically notable period and the speech is regarded to this day as an important one.

If we regard Jimmy Carter as an aberration, the tipping point for Democrats as failing to spawn world leaders came with Bill Clinton as manifest by his great forgotten speech before the Brandenburg Gate in 1994.  There he came to simply say nothing but hear himself talk, which was painfully obvious to the entire world.  It was a warning of how far the quality of Democrat political leadership had eroded in just 30 years.

Still, Clinton pretended to be a world leader, even as his presidency descended into a running public affairs battle over his numerous sexual offenses against women, even before becoming governor of Arkansas and President of the United States.   

Worse still has been Barack Obama when just this last July he dropped any pretense at world leadership when he stood in Berlin as if with hat in hand and apologized for America’s shortcomings; apologized to a nation that started two world wars and murdered over 6 million people in concentration camps; apologized to a nation that today refuses to send troops to the aid of it ally, even as that very ally garrisons troops on German soil, not just in defense of Germany, but all of Europe.

Judging by his speech, Obama apparently envisions an American capitulation to a central world authority which has not lifted a finger to relieve the continued existence of slavery in Africa- the “violence in Somalia” or the “genocide in Darfur” as Obama referred to it in terms of “shame.”

However, John McCain has not lost sight of a United States of America as we know it: Strong, sovereign, and free by the Constitution given to us by the Founding Fathers; government based on Natural Law that all people have Rights given to them by the Creator, so that no government can legitimately take them away.

That is the “tired old ideas” Obama would discard.  That is the difference between the two candidates.  That is the clear choice voters have before them.

Faith of Our Fathers

For two centuries, the men of my family were raised to go to war as officers in America’s armed services. - Senator John McCain

America came into being as a bold experiment over 232 years ago: That free men could govern themselves through free choice, by the rule of law, not by the reign of Monarchs- reigns that inevitably devolve into a rule of tyrants.

Winning the right of free choice came by force of arms just as keeping it has been kept through vigilance and a return to war when necessary, even if that war had to be fought on foreign soil.  This responsibility has been shouldered by every generation of men dating all the way back to the founding of America.

It has therefore come to be held in faith between one generation and the next that responsibility to protect and defend will continue be met by successive generations.  It is a faith that has been taken for granted until just recently.

In his memoir, Faith of My Fathers, Random House, 1999, John McCain endeavors to bring us to the meaning given a life when it is dedicated to a cause far greater than oneself; that of freedom.

The meaning in McCain’s POW experience was defined as faith in God, faith in one’s country, and faith in one’s fellow prisoner.

For our young people, this concept of faith is intellectually easy to accept, but impossible to really understand and believe in unless one has been through the caldron of fire we call war.  McCain admits as much himself, often referring to his time prior to his internment in the Hanoi Hilton as his “misspent youth.”

It was during his imprisonment that McCain, son of a Navy Admiral, who was in turn son of a Navy Admiral, suffered untreated injuries, beatings, and starvation.  It was this kind of abuse, and worse, which he describes in his book as causing some men to lose faith and in so doing fall into deep despair.

However, for McCain, his years imprisoned under such condition brought him an epiphany.

Unexpectedly thrown into a different cell after interrogation one day, he discovered some previous occupant had scratched into the wall: I believe in God, the Father Almighty; and as McCain recounted it said, “Recalled to my faith by a stronger, better man, I felt God’s love and care more vividly than I would have felt it had I been safe among a pious congregation in the most magnificent cathedral.”

He also discovered the selflessness of faith in that the closest a man will ever be with another person is not in a lovers embrace but during a life or death struggle on the battlefield.  There, blood mixes with blood regardless of color of skin, religious belief, or national origin and those desperately clinging to life are saved by the heroics of others under equally desperate circumstances.

And should one be captured, resistance to the enemy and survival is dependent on faith.

McCain refused to accept an early release out of turn of those who had been imprisoned longer and under even harsher conditions than his.  He resisted the enemy’s efforts to break him as long as possible and worried that he would have to face the other prisoners at some point with the admission that he couldn’t stand up to the torture that particular time.

So what McCain came to understand is that glory in war is “not a conceit” as he puts it. Glory is the result of being faithful to something greater than oneself.  In McCain’s case it was his faithfulness to his fellow POWs and America; a faith as he also describes it as one he had “unknowingly embraced at the Naval Academy.”

And while McCain frames this faith in terms as the faith of his father and grand father, it is in truth the faith of all our fathers and a legacy handed down to us from the American Revolution.  It is faith that has made us free.

Keeping the Faith

When John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural speech, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” he would appear to have broken with the FDR New Deal Democrats who were coming more and more to ask what their country could do for them.

While it sounds patriotic and magnanimous to not ask of your country, on closer inspection it is imprudent to expect otherwise.  After all, government is not our master. Au contraire, we are the masters of our government because by definition, power flows from the people upward, not the other way around.

In democracies, the people exchange their otherwise unbounded natural law rights for the security afforded by the common defense.  The question then becomes one of how much freedom is one willing to give up in this exchange for social order and safety?

Obviously, if rights were left unbounded, each individual would clash with every other individual and, as the 15th Century political writer, Thomas Hobbes, noted in his famous work on the subject, Leviathan, life would be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

On the other extreme, all rights could be surrendered away on the flimsiest pretexts to maintain law and order.  Therefore, for a social contract to work, each citizen must have faith, or confidence, not only in the higher power from which these natural law rights are derived, but also in the governmental system, and their fellow citizens and citizen leaders, as well.

Bottom line for McCain is that he must expose the Left’s tactics gaining power by destroying the confidence Americans have in one another in order to usurp individual freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Losing the Faith

Alarmingly, since John F. Kennedy’s time, this confidence has been continually eroding with Democrats in particular becoming the party of denial- the party that takes things away, and increasingly is willing to use government power to coerce citizen compliance with their party’s socialist dogma.

For example, schools have been led away from being centers for education to becoming primarily centers to disseminate liberal propaganda,  suppress certain religious beliefs such as opposition to abortion and sexual abstinence before marriage, and usurp parental authority over their own children by providing abortion services to children, just to name a few.

This erosion of confidence appears to be by one of design.  Not only are contemporary leaders continually the objects of verbal assault, the Founding Fathers are subject to dismissal as well.  For the sake of diversity, in some school history text books, the Founding Fathers barely garner a mention in favor of comparatively valueless individuals. 

As a result, what is forgotten is the vision by which the Founding Fathers constructed the framework for our country.  They knew they were doing something that had not been done before, that is was a grand experiment, that the people would govern themselves.

The United States is not a finished work, but a work in progress.  While the Constitution is a kind of living document, the Left would like to interpret the Constitution for political expediency as times change.  Some Supreme Court Justices even want to ignore it altogether and consider foreign law in rendering their decisions.

This is backwards as the very core cannot change.  A great tree would be a better analogy.  While it grows over time, its core structure doesn’t change but only expands.  Everything else must accommodate it by growing around it.

By intentionally not educating our young people about the dynamisms of America’s Revolutionary Period, and the development of our U.S. Constitution, and what used to be called Civics- the mechanics of citizen participation in their own governance- over time their appreciation for America will be lost.  This is happening now.

Young people are easily convinced that America is the world’s leading polluter and is the world’s most socially unjust country when both are actually the opposite.  One only need see the great blowing clouds of Chinese smog at the Olympics, or the throngs of people clamoring to get into this country, to realize that neither of these derogatory statements about America is true.

This trend can only get worse if Obama wins in the fall.  He has already labeled people by race, sex, sexual orientation, age, or national origin, so they can be easily contained by the expectations of their label and therefore be easily maneuvered into behaving (i.e. voting) as the Democrats would have them. (Image right: From Obama Website)

Obama, backed by a Democrat dominated congress, in our view would seek ever more coercive power that would fly in the face of our Constitutional restrictions on the Federal Government. 

However, what happens when at the highest levels of government they do break their own laws?  Who penalizes them?  These encroachments on state and individual rights are nothing new; they have been going on for decades.  They just seemed benign until now.

Allowed to continue unchecked, what will happen is that We as a People will be penalized by cultural decay and ultimate collapse.  That is what we are in danger of today.

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Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel. Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a former college professor and is GCN's Washington correspondent on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive.

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Keith Burton is the owner and editor of GulfCoastNews.com, which is based in Biloxi, MS.


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