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Sarah “The Barracuda” Palin vs “Fighting Joe” Biden

Biden Scored A Few Points Early On.  However, Palin Was Just Waiting And She Soon Had Him Gasping For Air With A Devastating Counter Punch To His Kidneys.

By Perry Hicks- Special to GulfCoastNews.com    Filed 10/3/08

A prize fighting analogy is not out of place in describing last night’s televised vice presidential candidate debates from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  After all, politics is often called a “blood sport.”  So, in this vein, Palin came out from the full twelve rounds pugilistic contest perhaps the winner, having emerged not just merely unscathed, but actually with a rehabilitated image.

His fighting style that of a “swarmer,” Biden came out from his corner trying to stay close to Palin while he punched and jabbed her about her boss, John McCain.  This was an intentional strategy to keep him from taking on the unflattering appearance of battering women.

However, Palin, an “outfighter” stayed wary and backed away, absorbing Biden’s blows while sometimes leaving her boss exposed on domestic issues such as education, taxation and economic policy.  While this initially seemed to cost her points, she did stand her ground and repeatedly jabbed back on her inherent strong point, energy.

Despite his age, Biden’s stamina held up well until he pressed the attack on Palin over the supposed statement the U.S. commander in Afghanistan made regarding the deployment of a surge strategy in that country.  Biden claimed the general, who he did not name, emphatically said it would not work.

That is when Palin lived up to her name, The Barracuda.  Just when Biden turned to savor what he thought was a direct hit, Palin wheeled about and delivered a devastating counter blow by definitively stating that the general said no such thing.  She erroneously identified the commander as General McClellan when it is actually General David Kiernan.

However, Biden didn’t catch that error and so could not correct her.  The blow knocked the wind out of his lungs and left him gasping for air.  Her follow up punches of statements that others on the ground in Afghanistan have not claimed a surge would not work, either, must have ruptured his spleen or kidneys because he could not formulate an effective reply.  Subsequently, fatigue began to set in for Biden.

Twice Biden forgot who he was campaigning against and turned away from his opponent and just flailed away at thin air, by essentially running through parts of the Democrat’s stock Bush-hatred lexicon.  Palin had to turn him around and remind him that she was still there with him in the ring.

Turning Obama’s own tag-line against Biden, Palin continued to batter him by pointing out that continually looking back and never looking forward cannot bring about the “change.”

Smiling broadly and warmly, Palin made the case that it was McCain and herself who looked ahead and so were better positioned to bring about the “change” people claimed they wanted.  She also went on to site her own record in Alaska for fostering bipartisan support to get the people’s work done.

It would have been better for the McCain/ Palin ticket if she had rolled out a ten point plan at the same time.  That would have had Biden down on one knee calling time out as he tried to gather his wits about him.  Alas, Palin did not.

By the time the bell sounded at the end of the twelve round fight, both candidates were still standing.  Biden had not failed his boss in that he had committed a fatal gaff that endangered the campaign.

However, Palin exceeded expectations.  She proved that she could go toe to toe with a veteran fighter like Joe Biden, absorb his best blows with grace and given the opportunity, deliver devastating body blows that can send her opponents stunned and gasping for air.

The “twit” image the Democrats have been desperate to build for her has been exploded.  Sarah Palin is obviously well qualified for the job of vice president.  The McCain campaign need only spread this new image over the next 32 days.

As for McCain, he needs to come out swinging hard in the next debate against Barack Obama.  McCain needs to challenge the socialist principles of confiscating people’s property based on some individual’s notion of “fairness.”

McCain needs to hammer the idea home that if they can do this to the “rich,” there is nothing to stop them from doing this to you, the middle class, or even those in the working class.

Furthermore, McCain needs to jettison his notions of campaigning with honor above the fray and campaign to win.  Otherwise, Obama will and there is no honor in having to live with the consequences of that.

About the Author.....

Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel. Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a former college professor and is a senior writer for GCN on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive  Contact Perry at: arielsquarefour@hotmail.com


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