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Powering Politics - The Southern Company
Politically Powerful Throughout the South and Not Just Your Friendly Utility Company

The following links are to stories you may not have seen regarding the Southern Company electric utility giant, and its huge influence on politics in the country and in our area.

Mississippi Power Asks for Rate Increase, Local Media Fail to Say Public can Protest - GCN

Politically Powerful Southern Company Named as Top Polluter - The Independent

Southern Co. Spent $7.1m Lobbying During First Half of 2007 - abcmoney.co.uk   Tops Power Utilities

$360 Million Federal Grant to Mississippi Utilities Affected by Katrina Approved - GCN

Mississippi Power moves critical functions to safer location - southern company

Mississippi Power Asking for Rate Increase - The Southern Company  Posted for Reader Information

Governor Appoints Gulfport Mississippi Power Exec to Lead Economic Panel - WLOX.com

Southern Company Promises to Report Climate Impact Issues to Stockholders - Socialfunds.com 5/4/04

How Industry Won the Battle of Pollution Control at E.P.A. - New York Times - may require NYT online registration - This story is a revealing look at Haley Barbour's role as an energy company lobbyist.

 Pollution Fight Pits South vs. Northeast -Natural Resources Defense Council

Southern - The New Power in Power - Business Week

 Southern Company Big Winner in President Bush's Energy Policy - The Washington Post

Government at work -- for Southern Co.  - Big polluters invest in White House giveaways - Atlanta.- CreativeLoafing.com

Mississippi Power's Effort to Block Public Disclosure of Records Denied - http://www.oha.doe.gov/cases/eia/ves0071.htm

Southern Company - Giant Among Polluters -

Why are Mississippi Senators Cochran and Lott and Congressmen Shows and Pickering Lobbying for Big Power Companies that Violate the Clean Air Act? -

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