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by Keith Burton - GCN
Filed 4/20/06

The Mass Debaters of Transportation, or MDOT, continue to promise road after road for south Mississippi, but they have  yet to deliver their first master stroke.

 MDOT struggles to reach a climax despite wads of money spread liberally in their secret coffers by blank-faced federal and state officials who appear to look the other way as MDOT does its business.

At every meeting of MDOT's leaders, public debate fails to stiffen MDOT's resolve to do what is needed resulting in ever more delays. MDOT holds out promises of roads to the Coast's braying politicians and businesses like fresh dung to starving flies.

MDOT appears impotent to act on any real promise it makes. The Canal Road Connector is just another example of a string of misfires including failing to rebuild Katrina-damaged bridges on highway 90 in a timely manner.

 MDOT's Southern District Commissioner Wayne Brown told WLOX TV this week that MDOT is going to redesign its Canal Road Connector project in light of new transportation needs stemming from Katrina redevelopment in Gulfport and the potential mythic 3-billion dollar relocation of the CSX railroad tracks.

Brown says the agency will wait for at least another three years before issuing any contracts for building the roadway, but will in the meantime, start acquiring property.

Interpreting Wayne Brown's message according to long-established MDOT code, forget about any real progress as the Mass Debaters of Transportation make another sudden withdrawal and holding, for perhaps a better day,  millions of dollars of wilting Harrison County bond money in their cold hands.

MDOT always has an excuse for every reason why every promise of a new road never gets completed. For every big promise extending hope and causing anticipation, MDOT's makes a sudden pullout, ending any seed of hope or satisfaction. If there was any thought that MDOT is a performance-oriented agency, its consistently limp delivery will end that fantasy. MDOT looks more and more like an expensive gelding that can never deliver on the promise at the racetrack.

Every effort by the public and press to gird MDOT's resolve has failed to get a rise from MDOT's minions or the politicians that could make this an agency that works.

We all marvel at the wonders of an agency that can be repeatedly kicked between the legs by the press and not stagger from the blows. Perhaps MDOT is like the ancient system of eunuchs, their reason for their existence was simply to exist.

If you have any questions about MDOT call the agency's director, Larry "Butch" Brown (that's his real name, we couldn't make this stuff up) at 601-359-7002, or visit their website at www.gomdot.com.


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