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Front Beach Biloxi (The Strip)
The following series of photos are of the Biloxi Central Beach area. Also known as The Strip. Hurricane Katrina totally wiped out this popular area, which included restaurants, numerous motels, an amusement park, two casinos and more.
Photos by Keith Burton on 9/17/05 - GCN  filed 9/18/05
Page One   Page Two    Page Three-Biloxi Front Beach     Page Four-Katrina Signs  Page five Point Cadet/East Biloxi
Page 6 - Biloxi Landmarks   Page 7 - Casinos   Page 8 - Waveland Homes  Page Nine - Waveland Distribution Center

Page 10 - Bay St. Louis  Page 11 - Pass Christian  Page 12 - Gulfport  Page 13 - West Gulfport (3-Months After)
Page 14 - Pass Christina (4-Months After)   New - Biloxi Point Cadet Homes 10 Months After

Driving East on Highway 90

Gator's Souvenir City

Historic Jefferson Davis Home

Sign for Jefferson Davis restoration project

President Casino Barge now sits on top of Holiday Inn

Treasure Bay Casino Main Building

Treasure Bay Casino barge

Treasure Bay shipwrecked

Main Beach Strip area..all destroyed by Katrina

Emerald Beach Motel survived Camille, but not Katrina

St. Charles apartments

Crushed Jaguar just off beach on Iberville Drive

Beach Security Checkpoint

All beachfront businesses are gone.

2005 Bruce W. Smith    2005 Keith Burton