GCN Katrina Photos - Waveland Distribution Center

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(Ed.Note: This distribution center shut down November 26th) These photos show a busy distribution center on U.S. 90  in Waveland operated by the Rainbow Group and church disaster relief from around the country. The center feeds, clothes and provides food and water to Waveland and Bay St. Louis residents who have not evacuated the area since the hurricane. Mostly, it provides resources for low income survivors and those without homes. These photos were shot 9/30/05 more than four weeks after Hurricane Katrina.

This complex sits on U.S. 90 in a parking lot in Waveland.

All sorts of supplies are available from this open air market

Faith-based volunteers staff relief stations and distribute supplies.

This in no small operation. People need the help

The food tent is operated by the Rainbow group. Note the white pages, those are updates from Civil Defense

Here a volunteer from the Rainbow group at work cooking. Nearly 1,000 people a day are fed here.

A shower is in a nearby building for survivors and volunteers, many who are living in tents.

With debris and nails everywhere on roads, a volunteer fixes flats. An air pump is on top of his Jeep.

Supplies arrive from everywhere, but more is needed

A small medical tent is also available at the site.