GCN Katrina Photos - Waveland Homes 9/30/05

These  photos are typical of neighborhoods everywhere in Waveland and Bay St. Louis

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Page 6 - Biloxi Landmarks   Page 7 - Casinos   Page 8 - Waveland Homes  Page Nine - Waveland Distribution Center

Page 10 - Bay St. Louis  Page 11 - Pass Christian   Page 12 - Gulfport  Page 13 - West Gulfport (3-Months After)
Page 14 - Pass Christina (4-Months After)   New - Biloxi Point Cadet Homes 10 Months After

Gutted homes, one slammed up against the other.

This debris is nearly as tall as a two story house.

This is more than most homes have left.

Huge steel frame from a destroyed condo complex

This street once had homes

On every street, giant piles of debris from clearing road.

This is what was left of a condominium on the beach.

Dozens of cars and trucks were washed into ditches. Owners tried parking on roadways to avoid flooding. It wasn't high enough.

Patriotism lives even in the worse conditions

Humor is found in these stark conditions

Throughout the area only the rubble of homes remain

Railroad track hangs in air