Marine Resources Telling Boaters to Dock

From:  Marine Patrol   10/7/17   GCN
Biloxi, MISS. – Marine Patrol officers with the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources are responding to a sailboat stranded in Hancock County near the Silver Slipper Casino.
Chief Keith Davis said the Coast Guard refused to respond to the call but that two Marine Patrol officers are going to rescue the three people on the boat.
"We are sending two officers out there on a 25-foot Boston Whaler to rescue these people" Davis said. "But I want to make it clear that this is the last time we will do this until the storm has passed."
The call came in just as the first rain bands from Hurricane Nate moved onshore. The Category 1 hurricane likely will make landfall overnight Saturday. Local and state officials have asked that residents stay indoors until the hurricane has passed.
"We have to ensure the safety of first responders," Davis said. "Until conditions improve, we cannot put our officers in danger."