Latest Update from the Bus-Train Tragedy

From:  City of Biloxi   3/12/17   GCN

No trucks, no buses: Mayor Andrew "FoFo" Gilich ordered city warning signs - No buses, No trucks - to be placed near the existing CSX "Low Ground Clearance" signs at rail crossing after a Biloxi fire truck Friday morning stopped a Greyhound bus from attempting to cross the tracks at Main Street, the site of this week's rail tragedy. Signs were designed and installed at Main Street and others are expected to be in place next week. To see photos, click here.


Final NTSB video briefing: To see the final scheduled Biloxi briefing from the National Transportation Safety Board, delivered Thursday afternoon at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Biloxi, click here.


Candlelight vigil: A Candlelight vigil will take place Sunday evening at 6:30 at Doris C. Busch Park. The park is on Esters Boulevard, just east of the Main Street crossing. To read details on the event, click here.

After-incident review: Members of the Biloxi Police and Fire departments, along with other agencies that responded to the Tuesday tragedy, conducted an after-incident review at the Gruich Community Center. To see photos from the gathering of first-responders, click here.


You also can hear an after-incident review on the "City Desk" podcast recorded Thursday at Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center. To listen, click here.


Trains: CSX reports that, on average, 15 to 18 trains pass through Biloxi each day.