City Desk Program Cancelled

GCN    5/28/15

The City Desk Radio show has always been a community service provided by at no charge to the City of Biloxi for more than five years.

But in recent days there have been some changes within Biloxi's administration in attitude about GCN that clearly were not in GCN's favor and business interest.

As these changes could not be resolved, GCN has closed it's relationship with the city and will no longer provide the City Desk show technical support for the program, and ended file support for the show.

Keith Burton, who owns and programs GCN said, " I am disappointed by the city's recent actions and words to me about the City Desk program and I have ended the show."

Biloxi City News Channel


Biloxi City Desk
with City Spokesman Vincent Creel and
Chief Administrator Officer David Nichols

This program is broadcast in its entirety with no editing from GCN.
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