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Social Media Hell

So I want to say something so prophetic that it reaches the ears of everyone to change the world, but…

By Mark Proulx - Filed 09/29/2015
I want to make sense.
I really do. I want to have people understand a decision I had to recently come to grips with.
FaceBook sucks.
It truly is the bastion of the ignorant. The stupid (yes, I said it.) The idiotic. The racist. The people who are indignant for having posted comedy. The people who no matter what you post have to feel personally offended that you have an opinion about something.
The one place the person who has absolutely nothing to do with reality has the right to say “I think.”
I had a conversation with my best friend ( a female….get over it, yes, it can happen) whereby she explained to me where she thought the border between God and religion and reality met. I was actually encouraged. Somewhere, two people met. They became attracted to each other. She had a friend explain to her that if you really want to know if a person is right for you, make a list of all the things you absolutely HAVE to have in a relationship, then see if your significant other meets these points. She didn’t take a poll or put it out there to see what the fake internet friends think. She actually got a pencil and paper and (hold onto your seats, folks…she actually wrote something down!)
She told me that he met 38 of 39 “needs.” (I’ve gone off track, but try and follow me.) She said that they went out one more time and she intended to break it off with him.
Until he ordered dinner for her.
He asked if she wanted anything else and it was the way he ordered - caring, realistic – that made her realize that the one thing that he lacked was not as important as everything else…and she made a decision to stay with him the rest of her life. That one thing, that last thing she thought was so important wasn’t as important as her realization that this man CARED for her made her realize that all the belief system in the world doesn’t mean as much as this man meant to her.
The fact that the REALISM overcame her belief system got me thinking…why do I believe what I do? Why do I care to get likes on a false and “socially acceptable” imitation of life? Why am I placing certain types of things on my FaceBook page?
The answer was staring my right in the face (book). I had become what society was expecting of me rather than making decisions on my own. I was lost to the “maddening crowd” rather than making my own mind up about things. In short….I was lost.
So I made a conscious decision tonight, September 29th, 2015, to exempt myself from as much social media as I could delete from my life. Good-bye FaceBook. Good-bye excessive amounts of needy people whose only purpose in life is to make other people’s lives miserable. Good-bye to asshats who were only born into this time to take a contrary point of view. Good-bye to nonreality.
Social media is merely a way for large corporations to become bigger. These social media sites only exist to feed the real “machine” and that is your simplistic minds.
You sheeple.
I refuse to turn over my mind to the hive mentality. I refuse to just “go along” with the crowd simply for likes. I will not be a part of the fascinating world of kitty videos and indignant people who believe in Bible verses simply because some one posted it. No one fact checks ANYTHING.
I can no longer allow my mind to stagnate inside a festering swamp of ignorance, intolerance and pride. I cannot handle the amount of cognitive dissonance in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary of damn near everything. Nothing we have ever believed on social media has ever been right. No “end of the world” scenario has EVER been right. No religious or moral or political or candid or personal or anything belief has ever been socially acceptable.
So I say…farewell, adieu, sayonara, adios and aloha. My life and my energies are far better served by my life and my decisions without the influence of your God, your political affiliation being right or what you think is funny or cute. I especially don’t give a rat’s ass about Cecil the lion or the million other atrocities committed by humans daily. I say I’m out of here and going on strike. I refuse to take part of or have anything to do with the most unrealistic part of life…..Social Media.
I’m out….