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Judgment Day Coming For Maureen McDonnell
Democrats Have Been Working To Criminalize Republicans For 22 Years With Mixed Results.  With Virginia's Former Governor Bob McDonnell And His Wife Maureen, They Finally Made A Home Run... Or Did They?

By Perry Hicks- Special to GulfCoastNews.com   2/13/15

The list of mostly sleazy prosecutions of prominent Republican leaders has been quite impressive.  Beginning in 1993 with then Texas Treasurer (and later U.S. Senator) Kay Bailey Hutchinson, partisan prosecutors across the country have attempted to destroy rising Republican politicians with varying degrees of success:

*  2004 indictment of then Texas Congressman Tom Delay, prosecuted by the same Travis County Districted Attorney who prosecuted Hutchinson, Democrat Ronnie Earle.

*  2009, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was literally run out of office over incurring a half million dollars of personal legal bills from Democratic operative FOIAs and frivolous ethics complaints.

*  2012 investigation into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's alleged illegal “campaign coordination” during both his recent election and recall.

*  2013 multiple investigations, both local and FBI, into then Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann's 2012 election finances as well as a civil suit over alleged misuse of a list of home school families.

*  2013 multiple investigations into New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over his alleged order to close Ft. Lee bridge commuter lanes.

*  2014 indictment Texas Governor Rick Perry brought forth by still another Travis County District Attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg.

*  2014 conviction of former Virginia Bob McDonnell and former first lady, Maureen McDonnell on bribery charges.

From the above list, it is apparent that the tempo of political prosecutions has picked up and are making a kind of arch from the far North, through the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and could soon well enter the South.

Local readers should be quite aware of the brewing showdown between the United States Supreme Court and certain Alabama counties refusing to license gay marriages.  State politicians ranging from North Carolina through Florida to Georgia (nearly all Republicans) have been either prosecuted or convicted of a variety of charges ranging from drug possession, to bribery and even embezzlement.

Mississippi is currently the Deep South state without conspicuous investigations into official corruption.  That could well change as the next presidential election cycle heats up and Democrats become desperate to discredit Republican candidates.  Having been successful in convicting Bob & Maureen McDonnell, the methods used there could well be replicated anywhere, including the Magnolia State.

As previously reported by GCN, despite all efforts to present itself as squeaky clean, the Commonwealth of Virginia is among the most corrupt states, and lawmakers there intentionally left the ethics door wide open regarding officials receiving “gifts.”  Hence, Federal charges had to be brought against the McDonnells.

The problem with the case is that the corruption I and others have found in the Virginia state courts is evident in Richmond's Federal District Court.  Accordingly, I filed a letter with the Federal Court that instead of singing the McDonnell's praises, sharply criticized the presiding judge, James R. Spencer, for not only his unconstitutional jury instructions, but his presence on the case itself.  The letter ends with a stern insistence that Bob McDonnell's sentence be extremely lenient.

To every legal pundits chagrin, Judge Spencer not only gave McDonnell a mere 24 months in prison, versus the 6 to 8 years publically predicted by media interviewed criminal defense lawyers, Spencer went to some lengths to justify his presence on the case.

McDonnell immediately filed an appeal with the Federal 4th Circuit Court and requested to be free on bail pending the appeal.  The 4th, not known for its kindly view of appellants, granted his request to remain free and in so doing cited its concerns with substantive issues it has with both fact and law- a clear criticism for Judge Spencer and the U.S. Attorneys who prosecuted the case.

The former Virginia first lady, Maureen McDonnell, will be sentenced by Judge Spencer on February 20, 2015.  Given the light sentence he imposed on Bob McDonnell, and the rebuke issued by the 4th Circuit, it remains doubtful that Maureen will receive substantial jail time.  Her own attorneys are asking for probation and 4000 hours of community service.

Should the McDonnells prevail in their appeal, the Democrats will not be without a victory.  Bob McDonnell's political career is over- the true purpose of his Federal prosecution.
The letter delivered to Federal District Court Judge James R. Spencer may be read below:
December 31, 2014
Via Hand Delivery
Subject: McDonnell Sentencing
Dear Judge Spencer;
I write to you regarding the upcoming McDonnell sentencing just as more than four
hundred others have done, but with one significant difference: Regardless of the
McDonnell's tawdry behavior, they were not afforded a fair trial.
As your judicial canons mandate that you maintain the appearance of fairness, your
“selection” to hear the case alone assured that the McDonnell trial would be anything but
fair, much less so in appearance.
Your jury instructions wholly ignored the Constitutional standard of evidence beyond a
reasonable doubt. What you imposed was the exact opposite- that the State did not have
to prove its case in order for the jury to render a guilty verdict. I need not remind you
that neither Federal prosecutors nor the FBI produced spreadsheets showing any
“benefit” star witness Jonnie Williams received for his money. They could not produce
said spreadsheets because Mr. Williams received no benefit. Ergo, no quid pro quo.
This kind of bending over backwards for the benefit of the prosecution should surprise no
one. Your wife, Margret P. Spencer, was the Richmond City judge who heard the
embezzlement case of the executive mansion chef, Todd Schneider, and out of seven
other judges, it is she, along with Judge Richard D. Taylor, who almost exclusively hear
the vast majority of Richmond's top tier felony cases, particularly murders. It is also
these two judges that are the most problematic.
Furthermore, it was Schneider's case that launched the investigation into the McDonnells
and it was Schneider, like Williams, who avoided a felony conviction in return for his
cooperation in the McDonnell matter.
The judicial case distribution is not the only issue surrounding your hearing the
McDonnell case. There is also the specter of political payback for him working to defeat
your wife's elevation to the Supreme Court of Virginia back in 1997.
The appearance here is that it was predetermined that your wife would hear the Schneider
case creating the pretext for launching an investigation and subsequent prosecution of the
McDonnells, and you would then hear the McDonnell case in order to insure their
conviction. Those who pursued the McDonnells for political purposes, including those
who remember your wife's aforementioned defeat have not been disappointed by your
In accepting, or perhaps asking for, the McDonnell case, the stain of injustice has been
transferred from the Richmond courts to your hands. King Salim Khalfani, former
Executive Director of the Virginia Conference of the NAACP, Marty Jewell, former
Richmond City Councilman, Jessie Frierson and Reverend Charles L. Shannon, both of
the Virginia Alliance Against Mass Incarceration, and myself, have previously written
your colleague, Federal District Court Judge Robert E. Payne, begging for a Federal
investigation into the Richmond courts, Commonwealth's Attorney, and the Virginia
State Bar. In that letter we detailed your wife's perfidy in the Ashley Williams matter.
Recall that on the day Acting U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente and his assistant, Michael S.
Dry announced the Federal indictment against the McDonnells, Mr. Boente stated to the
Washington Post, “We will continue to work tirelessly with our law enforcement partners
to investigate and prosecute public corruption.”
This was of course a lie as a letter detailing our concerns was also sent to Mr. Boente.
There has been no interest from him in investigating a corrupt Bar, a corrupt indigent
defense appointment process, much less lawless rulings from the bench, such as forcing
court appointed representation on a defendant, keeping an innocent defendant
incarcerated for fifteen months without benefit of a bond hearing, and unlawfully
substituting attorneys of record with ones pushing pleas on the behalf of the
Commonwealth; and that is only part of our concerns with the criminal justice system in
Virginia. We detailed far more, such as Brady violations as a matter of policy,
prosecuting a defendant without probable cause, and the wholesale manufacturing of
There can be no excusing our allegations as inadvertent errors or mere overzealous
attempts to bring hardened criminals to justice. These are calculated violations of
Canons, Rules, and Law that can only be interpreted as willful efforts to deprive
defendants, particularly African-Americans, of their rights to due process.
You can be assured that every member of the Central Virginia Bar is cognizant of what
has transpired in the McDonnell case and how it comports with every other inequity that
has displaced law and justice within the Virginia Court System.
Beyond matters of law, as a student of Divinity and therefore a man supposedly sensitive
to spiritual matters, surely you can see how our soil has been sanctified not only by the
blood of soldiers dying for the cause of freedom, but also that drawn by the lash from the
backs of slaves.
Accordingly, there can be no tolerance for permitting injustice to reign in a state so
abundantly endowed with memorials erected to the struggle for individual liberty.
Given all the systemic injustice and corruption I have referenced, and the appearance
your presiding over the McDonnell case has created, there can be nowhere else to go in
sentencing but extreme leniency. Preferably, there would be an outright vacation of their
convictions. Not only have the McDonnells suffered enough and their political
opponents been afforded more than their pound of flesh, your personal honor has been
brought into question.
Again, I implore you to do the right thing. End this nightmare for the McDonnells and
appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Richmond City Courts, the Richmond
Commonwealth's Attorney, and the Virginia State Bar.
Perry N. Hicks
Attached: Hard copy Letter to Judge Payne, CD Electronic Copy w/ 8 recorded telephone conversations
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