Y’all Business Website Relaunches with New Information, Mobile Interface

From:  News Release   4/19/17   GCN


Jackson, Miss.Y’all Business, the Secretary of State’s one-of-a-kind online resource for free Mississippi economic development information, relaunches today with new information and features including a mobile interface making it easier to access the site on a cell phone.

The Secretary of State’s Office surveyed more than 78,000 domestic businesses in planning for the relaunch.  Among other questions, businesses were asked about their greatest barrier to developing or expanding their business in Mississippi.  Survey answers helped determine new information categories and the redesign of the website.

New information on Y’all Business includes:


  • ̇*Credit availability locations;
  • *Workforce development program directors and locations;
  • *Authorized charter schools;
  • *Legislative, congressional, and judicial districts;
  • *County courthouse locations and city halls;
  • *UMMC Telehealth locations;
  • *Broadband connectivity information;
  • *Licensed electronic protection system companies, installers, and technicians;
  • *Licensed factory-build home dealers and transporters;
  • *Oil and gas wells;
  • *Electric power office locations and service areas;
  • *Municipal waste water facilities and service areas;
  • *Natural gas distribution and service areas; and
  • *Public drinking water service areas.


“Mississippi’s future is in small- to medium-sized businesses.  Y’all Business was designed to provide the information this target demographic needs — at no cost to the user — to choose to invest in Mississippi,” Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said.


Much of the information previously on the site, such as registered businesses and school rankings, has been updated.


The relaunch of Y’all Business includes a mobile interface, which is also the product of feedback on the site.  The interface allows users to access Y’all Business information easily from a cell phone or other mobile device.


Additionally, now users can select one of eight business “groups,” which automatically populates the Y’all Business map with information relevant to a particular type of business.  For example, a user interested in opening a restaurant can select the restaurant group, which would populate the map with information about nearby competitor restaurants, median household income, and area traffic counts, among other information.


Y’all Business has garnered more than 109,000 pageviews since its inception in October 2015.  More than 11,300 free business summary, retail market, and other reports have been downloaded from the site.  Y’all Business was developed in partnership with The Geospatial Group, a Mississippi company.


To search information on Y’all Business, visit www.yallbusiness.sos.ms.gov.  Suggestions for the site are welcome and can be e-mailed to yallbusiness@sos.ms.gov.