Part Time Jobs?

By:  Keith Burton  - GCN   5/21/17

When are part time jobs paying the same as full times jobs?  When they are City Council jobs.  The Biloxi City Council this week is to vote on increasing their pay to a whopping  $32,000 a year starting July 1 of this year.  The council's action is to be at this week's meeting, a normally quiet time of year, governmentally speaking.

There has been little, if any, news on this increase from the Coast's major news media, but that is not uncommon as the mostly new staff at WLOX and staff less Sun Herald don't usually monitor what city councils are doing across the Coast, unless it involves a pet animal.

City council posts historically have been part time jobs.  Such jobs consist of one weekly council meeting, and a handful of informal meetings that usually don't last long.  But hey, if no one cares, why not increase your pay?

By the way.  The council is to vote on increasing the mayor's pay too.  According to the proposed ordinance, it will rise to $117,000 a year.

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