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Rumors of Wars 


Now Dominated By Far Left Radicals And So-Called “Progressives,” The Democrat Party Has Become The Party of  Denial; The Party That Takes Things Away.


Part 1


By Perry Hicks

GCN Senior Writer   01/08/2020



The Democrat Party has spent decades building momentum toward Barack Obama's “fundamentally changing” America and all that entails:


* Destroying history and all the lessons it can teach by editing out inconvenient truths from history books, destroying unwanted reminders such as Civil War monuments (inconveniently erected by Democrats,) redesignating buildings, highways, and institutions named for historical figures; and debasing the Founding Fathers because they don't meet present day standards of political correctness.


The real reason is that delegitimizing the Founding Fathers delegitimizes the founding of America itself. If the founding is illegitimate, then America itself is illegitimate and is therfore worthy of reconstruction. To reconstruct one must first destroy.


* Taking 1st Amendment Rights by silencing conservative voices through tolerated acts of violence and official sanctions imposed by Colleges and Universities over such ridiculous “infractions” as using traditionally accepted pronouns or expressing disapproved opinions.


*  Taking 2nd Amendment Rights by use of force . Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D). who's medical school year book page has a photograph of two individuals, one in black face and the other attired in a Klan robe, has asked for the creation of a special state level police force dedicated to to seizing commonly own firearms from law abiding citizens.


Virginia's 4th Congressional District Representative Donald McEachin (D.) has publically recommended Northam deploy the  National Guard to force compliance by “2A Sanctuary” localities and their constitutional (elected) officers. The proposed legislation would not only outlaw most popular firearms but also gun safety instruction- a clear 1st Amendment violation.


As a result of McEachin's expressed want, there is now speculation that Northam would not stop with the Guard, but if necessary, also ask the UN for disarmament troops.


While we should be highly skeptical of any such effort to bring foreign troops onto US soil to enforce unconstitutional state edicts, there is extant a kind of precedent.


Observers from the UN's Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, or OSCE, routinely monitors US elections via its subordinate organization, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, or ODIHR, and have done so since 1991.


Talk about foreign involvement in US elections!


Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) actually promulgated an opinion that even if Virginia, a Dillon Rule state, was to reimpose something as egregious as chattel slavery, all counties and municipalities would have to enforce the law until a court struck it down! Said localities have no power to decide if a law is unconstitutional.


McEachin's desire to use the National Guard is surprising in its boldness considering he and his party (not to mention Virginia AG Mark Herring) are fine with sanctuaries as long as they involve defying state marijuana and Federal drug and immigration law. 


Fairfax County Virginia has gone as far as raising money to help illegal aliens fight deportation.


Said illegals are defined here as aliens unlawfully present in the United States which have committed even more serious crimes than just unlawful entry, such as rape, robbery, trafficking and murder. Some localities in the United States have even given non citizens the right to vote. Ergo, the American citizen themselves have been betrayed.


McEachin's support for disarming Virginians is in good part could in good part motivated by racism. When the Left congers up images of NRA members, it isn't that of minorities, it is principally of white male hunters and marksmanship enthusiasts. It is Obama's  bitter clingers, those who cling to their guns and religion.


If one thinks about it, this allowing, if not forcing, a foreign invasion into local communities also violates the 3rd Amendment, at least in spirit. A community is arguably a resident's extended home. Imagine what the Democrats would say if illegals were expected to vote straight Republican!


While McEachin does not make publically known many of his positions, it is almost certain that his position is that of his party: the military should not be deployed along the US border to interdict illegal aliens, human traffickers, spies, drugs, other contraband, or even potential terrorists but should be deployed to coerce Virginia's citizens standing up for their Constitutional Rights!


* Tolerating if not actually endorsing the violation of the 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection by requiring white students to take white shaming courses in federally funded colleges, universities, and other government run schools.  Caucasian students have even been denied access to classes and services they paid for during a black racist proclaimed “Day of Absence” (read “Day without White People.”) Events and services have even being held by some institutions that exclude “people of palor,” ie POCs otherwise known as Caucasians, and this is not at all objectionable to Democrats who claim to be arbiters of diversity.


After all, white presence is inherently “threatening” and minority students, people of color, need their own special spaces in which to feel “safe.” Diversity to Democrats means no Caucasians.


Can there be any wonder that presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed to be of Native American decent and used that lie to advance her career?


Obama's “fundamental change” tosses aside every notion of  Constitutional guarantees to liberty, and even ancient practices of decency. Take for example:


* Democrats have not only usurped women's rights to rest room, locker room, and gym shower room privacy, but that of little girls, as well. Men in dresses somehow have a “right” to invade these formerly safe spaces and make women and children uncomfortable (if not distressed) at the sight of full male nudity in its ultimate extreme.


Women are even subject to having to compete in women's sports against biological men who laughably claim to be “women.”


Owing to the #metoo movement, males obviously have an even more dangerous shower-locker room- rest room exposure to females claiming to be men. Pubescent boys, saturated with raging hormones, have been ordered to shower and share locker rooms (incident free) with females. The judge asserted that their discomfort was not comparable to that of a transgender student!


Then there is the matter of coercion to force individuals to lie.  A Virginia (here we go again) teacher was reportedly fired for refusing to submit to demands from a biological female transgender student that she be referred to by male pronouns such as “he” and “him.” The teacher refused to participate in what he believes is a lie. Even a slip of the tongue can be professionally fatal.


This is not a legal requirement to not say something dangerous such as shouting fire in a theatre. This is the forcing of individuals to actually say specific words against their will and that they believe to be a lie..  


1st Amendment Rights be damned.


The Original Progressive Movement


As we have recounted in prior articles, the progressive movement has been both consistent in its objectives and relentless in obtaining them. From its late 19th Century European origins, the movement was about clean air and water, untainted food and pure medicines that actually worked as claimed, as well as advancing social programs such as free public education, access to medical care, and civil rights. Their targets were monopolies, corrupt politicians, and saloons that were too often then the political boss's base of power- hence progressive support for the prohibition movement

Who can argue with clean air and water? Medicines that work? Public education? Civil Rights? Sobriety?


Although all of these goals are laudable, there were some dark aspects to progressivism and even vulnerabilities that made it attractive to the radical Left; its ruthless propensity toward coercion, misrepresentation to the point of lying, and the racist eugenics of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Besides all that, the movement promoted itself as a populist one.


An example of this struck me one day while taking a walk through my own local community. I turned a corner and a brick elementary school came into view. The school had been built in colonial revival style during the late 1930s. It must have been viewed back then as utterly magnificent compared to the converted decades old industrial wood structure that preceded it.


This got me to thinking. As I took a tour about the various neighborhoods of my nearby city, I took notice of the schools built during the 1930s, some in industrial style. Some of the largest of these were “high” schools which somewhat mimicked the appearance of ivy league institutions.


While high school was hardly new at that time, it also wasn't universally available or even practicable, particularly in the rural areas. The older generation born in the 19th century must have burst with pride at seeing their children and grandchildren afforded the opportunity to attend such schools equipped with trade shops, science labs, and gymnasiums. Like college students of their day, the students could be taught  higher math, science, English, perhaps foreign languages, civics, and history. They even had extracurricular programs like sports, and various kinds of clubs not unlike a four year college.


 Others public schools of the late 1930s into the 1940s were built in enormous art deco designs viewed then as being “modern” and evoking a very optimistic vision for the future. To the people living then these were definitely signs of  great social progress.


What was even better, it was all “free.”


Thus from school textbooks my generation was inculcated with the notion that the 1930s were dreary years of nothing but struggle out of the Great Depression. The  repetitive lessons were about nothing but dust bowls, coal mines, share cropper poverty, ignorance, and factories shuttered by heartless capitalists. These dismal tales were contrasted by descriptions of FDR's massive public works projects: monument building, massive dam construction, creation of national forests, public school funding, building of nation spanning highways, and rural electrification; all told to promote the notion that government (read socialism) possesses moral superiority.


It seized upon me that my parents and grandparents must have also marveled at the sight of power line towers marching across the landscape. Even out in the country they could enjoy electric lighting, radio broadcasts, and even refrigerators to preserve food. Combined with telephone and broadcasted news, things we take for granted today, they were no longer isolated from the rest of the world.


Government funded if not regulated programs had to look attractive compared to the laissez-fair system prior to 1933. Comparative to the Republican's lack of vision, it is no wonder that the Democratic Party became increasingly popular outside of the old Solid South. The populist Democrats (read progressives) were improving people's lives.


However, built into this narrative were fundamental lies.


FDR's paralysis (thought today to be Gillian-Barre Syndrome) was kept hidden from the public by a fawning press, as was his affair with his wife's social secretary, Lucy Page Mercer.


Even his declining health due to arteriolosclerosis and heart failure was kept from the public. His personal physician repeatedly lied to the public claiming FDR had no ailments and so when FDR suddenly died of a cerebral hemorrhage, the public was utterly shocked.


Mercer was present with him at the Warm Springs Georgia spa when he died. Wife Eleanor was mortified but like the press  treatment of the later Democratic  president, John F. Kennedy, FDR's infidelities were kept from the public.


Aiding the progressive's fortunes was the unrestrained stock speculation during the Republican administration of Herbert Hoover. That speculation led to the economic crash of 1929 and the destruction- not individual losses through transference- but destruction of paper wealth.


FDR, in his bid to stop the financial hemorrhaging, actually prolonged the depression through his well meaning but harmful economic policies. One of them was fixing the price of gold and signing a bill outlawing the private ownership of it. Like dominos falling, undercapitalized banks, running on paper thin reserves, closed all across the country taking people's life savings with them.


Planned from the earliest days of the city and finally completed during FDR's New Deal, the National Mall & Memorial Parks in Washington D.C. was and remains today a shining display of  patriotism and national pride. Tourists still flock to see the magnificent monuments of Lincoln, Jefferson with its nearby Reflecting Pool, the obelisk  dedicated to George Washington, and in the spring, cherry blossoms. The wonderful and Federally funded Smithsonian Institute also is packed daily with visitors as are the other museums flanking the Mall.


In actuality, the National Mall & Memorial Parks itself is a monument to Big Government and government largess made possible by ever increasing taxation and national debt.


It is no wonder then that FDR was revered and the notion that Big Government could do things better than private enterprise became conventional wisdom. My father often counseled that Democrats lifted the economy but Republicans lowered it. This, of course, made no sense in that in the next breath he would assert that the Republicans were a party of big business, but the Democrats were a party of the people.


Why would a “big business” party want, much less cause, a decrease in prosperity when big business profits are dependent on customers having money to spend?


His perception actually went all the way back to the Civil War because the South was economically destroyed by the war waged by Republicans. The victor in that war, Ulysses S. Grant, was a Republican and his presidential administration was noted for its corruption.


However, the reality was much different from public perception. Neglected by the textbooks was that during the Great Depression private development continued on computers, jet engines, rocketry, commercial aviation, florescent lighting, automobiles, diesel locomotives, radar and other electronic devices such a television. All were envisioned and brought to fruition by private enterprise whether or not there was government funding involved.


The point is that private enterprise holds the keys to true progress and can achieve it if only it is allowed the freedom and capital to do so.


Yes, there was much more to the 1930s than just the Dust Bowl, plant closures, and wealth destruction. It was a time of innovation, internal migration, and society altering technological development that gave rise to the modern world as we know it today.


For example, the comparatively trivial commercial success of the Big Band pop music of the 1930s were made possible by microphones and the development of electronic amplification. Those were enabled by the build-out of America's enormous  electric power grid. Bands and singers, not to mention actors, became rich and famous via commercial recordings, motion pictures, and the still relatively new medium of broadcast radio. New support role jobs also proliferated adding to the gross national product and therefore the government's tax base.


Commercial aviation permitted rapid travel across the country- at least for the rich who could afford it. Streets became free of animal manure as draft animals pulling wagons over dirt roads gave way to motorized transport over an expanding network of US Highways. The speed of commerce increased still further also adding to economic growth.

This history goes to the root of Obama's “You didn't build that” statement. He grossly discounted the importance of entrepreneurial innovation and risk taking in order to build national economic power. In his view, transportation, communication, and electrical power, all regulated by government, is responsible for every business achievement.


This view would then dictate that farmers, endowed with the blessing of rural electrification, did not grow the crops or raise the livestock, or milk the cows that feed America. Government (read the collective)did it.  


The Disaffected Left Has Embraced Every One of America's Enemies 


It is indisputable that it was Southern Democrats who drove the secession of the first seven Confederate states before Abraham Lincoln took office, then the four additional states when Lincoln mobilized the Union Army with the intent subjugating the same by means of force.


The presently maligned Confederate General Robert E. Lee didn't side with the South out of disloyalty to the United States. He was part of the gentry- a member of one of the leading families of Virginia- and he simply could not be disloyal to his native state. He could not lead an invading army into Virginia.


Then just a few decades later, owing to the substantial numbers of German-Americans  residing in the Midwest, President Woodrow Wilson, himself a progressive and titular head of his Democrat Party, had to apply considerable pressure to gain party support  for the US entering World War I. Even then, substantial opposition by a spectrum of socialists, internationalists, suffragists, and peace activists remained. Wilson was later compelled to repress these groups through the Espionage Act of 1917, a statute still in effect today.


Not even twenty years after the first world war, progressives embraced the rise of National Socialism embodied by Hitler's Nazi Party. They marvelled at German “progress;” and their power to force compliance to official edicts. They even admired the Nazi's cold, impersonal, and spirit crushing expressions of Art Deco architecture; and, of course, German technology. Nazi anti-semitism bothered the progressives not at all.


Socialism is not a monolithic ideology. During the 1920s, the National Socialists (Fascists) battled the International Socialists (Communists) for Europe's soul. Particularly in Germany, these street battles pitched Nazis against unions, communists, and anarchists with the experience deeply embittering Hitler.


His animus toward Jews was in part that it was “the Jew” who gave the world both structured law (restraining the unbridled exercise of governmental power) and fascism's chief competitor, international socialism. The latter would seek to destroy nation states leading to an inevitable One World (Communist) Government and thus thwart Hitler's dream of a risen Imperial Germany dominating the globe with a thousand year Reich.


Instead of enjoining with the Republicans, a party born radically liberal and established to end chattel slavery and proven to use violence to achieve victory, America's socialists instead turned to the Democrat Party.


The Democrats were also proven ruthless in their resistance to negro emancipation and waged a brutal campaign to perpetually deny blacks basic civil rights. As a bonus, the Democrat's roots were in agrarianism, not free market capitalist manufacturing. They would be culturally amendable toward socialist goals as the South had been subjugated by the industrial North.


The progressives sought out and succeeded in infiltrating the Democratic Party. They and even farther left radical socialists eventually took the party over making it what it is today.


Counter to their claims of championing peace, harmony, and equality, the socialist goal was and remains the managed decline of the one nation that has freed more people from tyrannical oppression than any other nation on earth: the United States of America.


However, again, their goal is not peace, harmony, and equality but conflict, discord, and identity politics with some demographics being more equal than others. They pursue these goals because from chaos and conflict they can achieve their true goal of ending nation states.


When both Russia and China escaped oblivion by ironically stepping rightward into fascism, America's disaffected Left was forced to find new allies.


They still adhere to their core socialist principles but they mask it by calling themselves “progressives,” even though the true progressives are long gone. 


Regardless of the Democrats promoting themselves as consensus builders and proponents of liberality,  they have a long sordid history of dividing and then betraying their allies.


Once the darlings of the party, Jews and African Americans are now being replaced by more numerically valuable demographics. Muslims have replaced Jews because of Islam's sheer global numbers- about 24% of the world's population, and relative wealth of the Middle East.


Hispanics in flight from the despotism of their native countries are replacing Blacks because of Hispanic numbers, as well..


Despite the Left's efforts, it should be no surprise that at this time President Trump is not only polling better with both groups but increasing numbers of  Hispanic and African Americans are showing up at Trump rallies. Trump's policies have benefitted them with record high employment numbers with its resultant prosperity.

Because the American population is approximately fifty-one percent female, and transgenders are so numerically small, one would think the Left would carefully guard female interests. However, women have been betrayed, as well. They are too being pushed aside by other perceived benefits afforded by transgenders.


The aforementioned cry-baby millionaire athletes take a knee in protest over the National Anthem and in crass disrespect for the nation that fought a war under the Stars & Stripes to free their ancestors. Accordingly, this open display of disrespect betrays the 620,000 Union troops who suffered and died fighting for their ancestors' liberation!


The protests and demands to remove monuments and erase figures from history are discredited by the same contempt extended to the liberating Union troops. To my knowledge there never have been any modern expressions of gratitude for the sacrifices of Union troops.


Jews are being assaulted, spit on, and even killed in uber progressive New York City, not by white supremacists, but by African Americans who harbor a longstanding racial hatred of Jews. Just like the race shaming of young white students, the Left has assigned racial guilt to Jews because they believe it was Jews who financed the African slave trade. The innocence of present day individuals does not matter. Like whites, Jewish complicity resides in their DNA.


After Trump's ordering of the drone attack on Iran's terrorist leader, Gen. Qasem Soleimani, a surprising number of Democrats have openly criticized the president's action. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi complains that she wasn't advised in advance of the  strike despite the high probability that either she or one of her staffers would have leaked the information to Soleimani, thus allowing him to escape.


There was no joy from her over the death of a terrorist leader who had killed hundreds of Americans and allies.


Frustrated by the interruption and even reversal of Obama's policies- the fruition of decades of socialist goals- when they had come so tantalizingly close to its realization, the tactic today is to revitalize the process of destroying America from within.


To accomplish this strategy, the Left's tactic is to renew the destruction of American's confidence in our traditional values of self-sufficiency, individual responsibility, and institutions including faith, family, fatherhood, and political leaders. They then pit one demographic against another.


The courts are not immune, either. Where criticism ended once a Supreme Court candidate was confirmed and sworn in, we saw Justice Kavanaugh continue to be savaged until his attacker's stories embarrassingly fell apart. One accuser actually admitted that she did it as a defense of abortion rights- even though Kavanaugh had stated that Roe vs. Wade was settled law.


They even betray the body politic by replacing American citizens with more malleable outsiders, hence the argument for open borders.


Destroying confidence in institutions requires destroying accepted norms and one of those tactics is to present a mental disorder as being  healthy and normal. Men will be called women. Women will be called men. Racism will be decried even as Caucasians are openly humiliated by race shaming; Asians of merit are denied entrance into America's supposedly premier universities; Jews are violently attacked on the streets of Democratic  New York City; Millionaire professional athletes will take a knee to protest the country- their country- which afforded them the opportunity to become rich and famous.


Even America's Covenant Nation status is betrayed as God, the Creator of the Universe and therefore all that is seen and unseen, is denied and pronounced as anything from “dead” to non-existant- a mere fable. Conversely, Satanic Temples now dot the nation of and the Satanic Church has been officially recognized as a religion and given tax exempt status (along with Pastafarianism which worships the “Flying Spaghetti Monster.”)


Good is being spoken of as if it were evil.


The United States Constitution, the sacred founding document which ended slavery by bloody warfare and made America the most desired nation in the world in which to live, is decried by the Left as “outmoded” and (rightly by design) restrictive of governmental power- Obama's lamented “negative rights.”


The opposition to Confederate monuments and attacks on Constitutional Rights is then interconnected by race hatred and a desire to overthrow freemarket enterprise capitalism.


As such, today's Democratic Party is inexorably inching America toward another civil war. This time it is the Red vs. the Blue not the Blue vs. Grey; the rural vs. the urban; the believing vs the blasphemers; liberty vs. subjugation; and the struggle is increasingly turning violent.

By:  Perry Hicks    Special to GCN   1/8/2020