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Rumors of Wars 


Mired in Political Correctness, Democrats Can No Longer Identify Problems Much Less Solve Them. The Result Is Much Suffering, Rights Taken, and Mounting Frustration- All Ingredients for Civil Upheaval.


Part 2


By Perry Hicks

GCN Senior Writer   1/27/2020   GCN


Previously we detailed how the Democratic Party was once dominated by true progressives that sought to recognize, define, and correct problems ranging from spoiled or otherwise adulterated food, ineffective drugs, limited free public education,  impoverished children wanting for adequate nutrition and basic medical care, polluted air and water, funding infrastructure such as roads and rural electrification, and finally, providing civil rights to oppressed minorities. While the outcomes may not have been perfect, great strides were achieved making liberalism for a time quite appealing... at least until recently.


The radical far left, synonymous with international socialism, have over decades infiltrated the Democratic Party and wholly taken it over. Their divisive identity politics and class warfare has thrown sand into the gears of democracy. Progress has been intentionally halted purely for political purpose. No longer is the objective to provide an equality of opportunity and realize tangible results that benefit everyone. The socialist's objective is to sow seeds of discord through equality of outcomes and the managed decline of the United States. Thus, the way will be opened toward a One World Government.


Will of the People Is Not To Be Respected


There is a huge and pernicious difference between the two philosophies and no better example exists than US Senator Adam Schiff's (D-CA) brazen assertion that elections cannot be trusted because there is no assurance the outcomes will be “fair” ie they win.


Schiff decries elections even though it is his party that has a long sordid history of stuffing ballot boxes, denying minorities the right to vote, and challenging election outcomes over such ludicrous things as the “fat-pregnant-hanging chad” controversy  we witnessed during the 2000 presidential election.


Schiff's assertion leads to the inevitable conclusion that there should be no elections simply because they believe they can't win them. The Constitution and its republican form of government then becomes an impediment to socialist domination and so should also be thrown out.


Think about it. What Amendments do they support? Judging by Virginia, none of them!

Furthermore, they want to do away with the electoral college that literally saved America from a Hillary Clinton presidency!



Yes, THE Hillary Clinton who attempted to destroy her husband's paramour and ran her own private email server so she could supposedly evade FOIA scrutiny. Never mind that her server firewall could not be made to interface with the Department of State System. She eventually dropped the firewall but recklessly accessed  her server via Russian infrastructure when she visited St. Petersburg in 2012. All of her contacts and all of her correspondence was exposed to Russian intelligence.


There is a theory- a viable one- that the real reason her server firewall wouldn't interface  is that she was trying to access highly classified and actionable US intel files. The theory then goes on to claim that she was selling said intel through the Clinton Global Initiative arm of the Clinton Foundation thus explaining its estimated $1 billion in collections.


Recall that the Foundation's cash inflow plummeted immediately after her tenure ended. Also recall that husband Bill also received a $500,00 speaking fee from the Russians just before wife Hillary as Secretary of State approved the Uranium One deal where 20% of America's uranium reserves would be transferred to Russia. Subsequently an estimated $145 million was donated to the Clinton Foundation from interests close to the Russian nuclear agency, Rosatum.


This disdain for elections and the Constitution in general- recall Obama's decrying the Constitution only providing “negative rights-” is widespread among Democrats.


On board with Adam Schiff is Virginia State Delegate Jeffrey M. Bourne D-Fairfax. He introduced House Bill 1627 making criticism of the state government a crime! Make no mistake in reading the proposed bill that truthful language and images would be considered “harassment” equivalent to “violence.”


Where have we heard this all before? Answer: Colleges and Universities where pitiful  snowflake students melt down at the mere suggestion a conservative may be invited to speak there.


Under such a law, it would be a crime to mock Virginia Governor Ralph Northam as “Gov. Infanticide” or “Gov. Coon-man” (his college nickname from his undergraduate  Virginia Military Institute (VMI) years.


   Gov. Northam 


Owing to his VMI nickname, it is clear Northam had a reputation for wearing black face long before medical school. As these names could be construed at “vile,” much less the photo of him in actual blackface, the author and publisher would then be subject to prosecution and a conviction incurring fines and jail time!


When one considers social media, that is a lot of people to be criminalizing for executing their 1st Amendment Right.


There is no provision for journalism in this bill, either. Indeed, journalists might actually be the intended targets as media gave Northam much negative press after the blackface revelation. Northam then went into hiding- just as he did during the massive gun rally in Richmond on January 20th- and refused to make public appearances including on his own monthly radio show, “Ask the Governor” that aired on WRVA 1140. He has yet to return to the airwaves.


It should be noted that at the time of this writing HB1627 only protects from criticism  the top government officials two of which who have been accused of misconduct; sexual assault in the case of Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax (D-Fairfax County,) Governor Ralph Northam. Members of the legislature, and certain other state employees are included in the bill.


Threatening violence and stalking are already illegal when directed at anyone and other statutes make illegal coercing government officials. HB1627 can then only have been introduced to usurp 1st Amendment Rights and do so on a massive scale.


It is no surprise then that Virginia's Democrats are in a rush to disarm Virginia citizens.


So arrogant are they that another state politician, Delegate Dick Saslaw D-Fairfax County, Alexandria City, and Falls Church City, has also come under criticism for his proclamation that any Virginian that doesn't like his (Saslaw's) one gun a month law should just leave the state!


Think about the irony of it: While Obama would force citizens to buy a product (health insurance) no matter its cost, Saslaw would limit a law abiding citizen's right to purchase a lawful and constitutionally protected product.


PC Brings Chaos


If none of this sounds particularly “democratic” it's because it isn't. Back in 2018 when far left wing activists were protesting outside NRA lobbyist Chris Cox's Alexandria Virginia home (and also his wife's separate business,) Gov. Northam did not call out the State Police to investigate the breach of law under Code of Virginia 18.2-419. Neither did he call out the State Police when then Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Nielson”s Alexandria home was protested later in the same year. Moreover, the activists reportedly came in from out of state.


Refusing to uphold the law for some but violate the US Constitution in order to prosecute others can only instill bitterness and foment rumors of an impending civil war.


Congressman Donald McEachin (D Virginia) fanned these flames when he recommended that the governor call out the National Guard on self declared 2nd Amendment sanctuary localities. A rumor soon followed that if necessary the governor would ask the UN for gun control disarmament troops.


Don't laugh. Virginia's elections have been monitored by the UN for years.


McEachin and Northam are fine with sanctuary cities and counties as long as they are shielding criminal illegal aliens. (Note that Interstate 95 is an MS 13 corridor.) However, localities that shield a constitutional right are to them unacceptable.


While Gov. Northam and his party make much talk about public safety from gun violence, they actually defeated a bill that would have increased gun crime penalties. Their cumulative record is to protect criminals while trying to criminalize law abiding citizens.


Democrats have also proposed waging war on Virginia's economy, too. A bill before the legislature, the Virginia Values Act SB868, would allow anyone to file unfounded discrimination suits against a small businesses and do so with impunity.


A small business, defined as having just five or more workers, cannot afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars to successfully defend itself against scurrilous claims only to be denied compensation from the loser.


A similar law in California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act, or FEHA, has run upwards of 10,000 businesses out of California contributing to the state's homeless situation.


Selective enforcement is not the only avenue Democrats have toward advancing civil unrest if not a hot civil war. Frustration with government incompetence can only add fuel to the literal fire. Recall California's wildfire problem brought about by gross forest mismanagement.


Solving Problems Requires Deliberate Procedure


In order to solve any problem one must go through a three step process some call the Universal Diagnostic & Repair procedure:


1.      Recognize that there is a problem and accurately define it.

2.      Troubleshoot down to the root cause of the problem and take action to correct it.

3.      Insure that the problem does not happen again.


Simple enough, however, if there is no admission that there is a problem or blame is cast somewhere else, then the process cannot be successfully completed- if it can be executed at all. The ensuing chaos even pits (socialist's) favored demographics and PC policies against each other. Consider the following:


After much wailing and hand wringing over student “safe spaces,” Democrats now demand that men claiming to be women have rights to women's rest rooms, gym showers, and even compete in women's sports. Women are to have no “safe spaces,” of their own even though women are supposedly one of the party's favored.


(Actually, everyone outside of white men are favored and white women are only tolerated because of their voting numbers. Still, they too are subject to criticisms of having “white privilege.”


Arguably this was part motivation for US Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren falsely claiming she was Native American. By doing so, not only could she evade criticism of being white, she could also take advantage of  “diversity” in advancing her career.


Elizabeth Warren


How do you think better qualified Asian and African American candidates felt when she got the job through blatant fraud?


As we pointed out in Part 1, Democrats have betrayed every one of their favored groups. Owing to their far greater global numbers and immense Middle East wealth, Jews have been displaced in favor by Muslims, and African Americans have been displaced by Hispanics for much the same reasons: potential voting numbers and sheer collective wealth. Even gays have been betrayed by the new development of “trans-sexuals.”

One's gender is no longer an anatomical truth. It is laughably “assigned” at birth!


Obviously, there are no bedrock principles at work here. There is no rational deliberation; it's just who can bring international socialists to power and advance the decline of America.


The coming last installment of  The Green Gun will detail the inability to recognize and define real problems resulting in mass property destruction and even death.

by:  Perry Hicks      Rumors of Wars Part One