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Hurricane Katrina Photos - Biloxi's Point Cadet - Ten Months After

Page One   Page Two    Page Three-Biloxi Front Beach     Page Four-Katrina Signs  Page five Point Cadet/East BiloxiPage 6 - Biloxi Landmarks   Page 7 - Casinos   Page 8 - Waveland Homes  Page Nine - Waveland Distribution Center   Page 10 - Bay St. Louis   Page 11 - Pass Christian   Page 12 - Gulfport  Page 13 - West Gulfport (3-Months After)  Page 14 - Pass Christian (4-Months After)  Biloxi Point Cadet Homes 10 Months After

Biloxi's eastern peninsula is called Point Cadet. It was a richly multicultural area of mostly low income and fishing families of white, Vietnamese and blacks. Point Cadet extends from the beach to Back Bay. Katrina wiped out this area August 29. Ten months later, the debris has been removed and what is left are many vacant lots and scatterings of FEMA trailers. Not every lot has a trailer. In fact, most do not. This section of Biloxi almost seems rural now, even though it was densely populated and within a short distance of downtown and Biloxi's casinos. Now, whole blocks are largely vacant with weeds and grass growing and almost no reconstruction is underway.  These photos were shot June 28, 2006.