Hurricane Katrina Photos
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Gulfport 2nd Street - This is one block up from the beach.

Another 2nd Street Home, all the homes are like this one

This is west of Gulfport Harbor. Tons of chicken and pork bellies were tossed from containers into this neighborhood, then rotted.

An empty shell is what remains of Vrazel's Restaurant in West Gulfport on Hwy 90 across from the Gulfport Grand

The Hancock Bank tower was badly damaged from wind

Gulfport's 1st Baptist Church was completely gutted from Hurricane Katrina

Nothing restorable remains of Marine Life Aquarium

The Copa Casino rests on land near at the Port of Gulfport

The Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home was severely damaged

An entire neighborhood was leveled in West Gulfport

Churches throughout the Coast were devastated

Grand Casino Gulfport, now only a hulking wreck