Hurricane Katrina Photos
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Pass Christian 4-Months Later   New - Biloxi Point Cadet Homes 10 Months After


This is what remains of Pass Christian's City Hall. The picturesque building with elegant southern charm was gutted and the landscaping destroyed. All of Pass Christian's public buildings were destroyed including the library, police station and water and sewer and code building. This mostly residential city is near total collapse with no sales or property tax base as a result of Katrina.

City hall now is a trailer near "The Village" Tent City at City Park

This is along 2nd Street and the city's central business area.

This new condo had its first two floors eliminated by Katrina.

Throughout the city debris remains, even after four months.

This is a typical street in Pass Christian, months after Katrina

This is all that remains of a steel-framed Winn-Dixie store

This is Pass Christian's first new retail store near Tent City.

This is all that remains of a huge three story retirement assisted living home. It was new and only the columns remain. This building was a block from the beachfront.

This is Pass Christian now. The city lost nearly 80 percent of its homes and now is mostly a city of FEMA trailers and this small tent city that houses about fifty families. FEMA plans to close its tent cities and move families to trailers when they become available.