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Illegal Immigration Bill

GCN has received a working version of the Senate immigration bill that has been the focus of numerous calls and public resistance. The document available here is an over 400 page condensed working version of the 800+ page bill under consideration in the U.S. Senate. GCN has been told that this document is the one Senate members are using in their deliberations.

GCN is providing this document, a .pdf file, in the public interest. There has been numerous comments by Washington officials that the public isn't getting the correct information. There could be a good reason for this.

In our continuing review of this document, the immigration reform bill is a measure that would change America as we know it today and have a dramatic effect on every American citizen. It is more than an immigration bill. While the details of the bill are still not final, the bill, if adopted, will change our country in profound ways.

Among what we have seen so far:

  • Would require everyone, not just immigrants, to prove citizenship
  • .Would make employers the first line of defense for determining a person's citizenship.
  • Would make the Real ID Act with biometric ID cards  required for individuals and by states to receive funding for the program.
  • Would still allow large numbers of immigrants to be made citizens.
  • The bill would establish numerous detention camps to house up to 20,000 people each for immigrants not in compliance with the regulations, including family members and children.
  • Establish a medical care system for immigrants.
  • Build a fence along the borders
  • Would substantially add to the huge federal bureaucracy
  • Section 413 of the bill encourages Congress to acquiesce to plans by the Bush administration to establish the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America that has been seen by some as a precursor to the establishment of a North American Union, of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, similar to the European Union.

There are many more elements as well.

Reading even the condensed version the bill, S-1639, is not easy, it is lengthy and in the language of government. But it is an eye-opening look at the true nature of what the nation is facing if adopted.

CLICK HERE to download the document. (1.04MB)

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