IP Casino's New Really Big Sign
Another Touch of Vegas

by Keith Burton - GCN 2/20/09

Everyone knows that Biloxi is not Las Vegas, nor does the city want to be. But with gaming now well established it doesn't hurt to add some flash. That is definitely what visitors and residents now get with the new huge sign that has gone up near the IP Casino Resort and Spa near the I-110 bridge.

The elevated I-110 runs just west of the IP and the casino's owners felt it was time for a real statement on the property's intentions as GCN found out when we recently asked about the new sign.

According to Elaine Stevens, the IP's public relations manager, the new sign is truly big. The sign is 152 feet tall, which is almost as high as a 16 story building. It has 9,400 square feet of ad space. It is 62 feet wide, used 650 cubic yards of concrete and over 350 tons, yes, that is tons of steel.

Why the sign is needed?

·     According to IP's Vice President of Marketing/Player Development, Bradley Rhines, “The  sign is an indicator of IP’s pride and commitment to the Coast.”

      According to the IP's Director of Advertising, Nancy Lewandrowski, “The sign is the best way to showcase IP’s incredible entertainment lineup for 2009. It is yet another addition to our property and it put people to work as it was being designed and constructed.”

What is special about the sign? Well, Lewandrowski says, “The magnificent size of the sign creates a true Las Vegas feel for the coast.”

It is also very easy to see while traveling either north or south on I-110. But there is more to the sign than being big. It is also high-tech and energy efficient.

The IP's new sign utilizes LED technology and high voltage low amperage fluorescent technology versus the less energy efficient traditional incandescent lights. 

LED’s use 90% less energy than a traditional bulb, and last up to ten times longer, are brighter and have a much longer life; they are expected even with continuous use to last over ten years. "This is in keeping with IP’s Environmental Conscientiousness (aka, going green ) efforts," said Lee Bond, VP Planning & Analysis with the IP.

The IP has made a complete change since the days before Katrina. It was the first casino to reopen after the hurricane on August 29, 2005 and since that time it has been undergoing a series of expensive improvements. All the rooms were up-scaled, new and more interesting restaurants added, and just last month, a sophisticated new showroom opened that offers entertainment from the top stars in show business and music.

Overall, the new sign looks good, isn't too bright at night with its blue highlights, and makes quite an impression. In a day that many major companies are cutting back due to the economy, it's great to see one that isn't afraid of the future.

You may be asking now, "How much did the new sign cost?" Well, GCN did ask.

"Lots," said Stevens.



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