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Warr to Continue Work as Mayor

From: City of Gulfport   Ryan LaFontaine 1/28/09  GCN

GULFPORT — City spokesman Ryan LaFontaine issued the following statement today:

“First of all, you should know that I am not in a position to speculate about what is happening in the mayor’s personal life.

“But I can tell you that as for the city, we are continuing to carry out the peoples’ business.

“The mayor has indicated that he has every intention of coming to work today, tomorrow, and every day after that, as the mayor of Gulfport.

“In the nearly four years that he has been here, Mayor Warr has created a framework and an agenda for the recovery of Gulfport.

“And he has assembled a very talented team of directors and employees that understand the enormity of the recovery challenges that lie ahead.

“Under his continued leadership, I’m very confident that this city will continue to move along the path that he has set.

“The people of Gulfport don’t care about the mayor’s personal issues; they only care about what he’s doing to fix their issues.

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