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Warr Trial Date Moved to October
Couple Pleads Not Guilty to Bank Mortgage and Bank Fraud Charges

by Keith Burton - GulfCoastNews.com   Filed 8/12/09  GCN

Former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and his wife Laura (GCN file photo right) pleaded not guilty to the latest charges issued by government prosecutors during an arraignment on the charges today. The charges were issued earlier this month in a re-issuance of an indictment that was issued in January. The latest indictment added four additional counts, now totaling 20, for various charges including Katrina and insurance fraud, as well as mortgage and bank fraud. All in connection to property and a home purchased from the Armed Forces Retirement home and subsequent improvements.

In connection to the case, the trial date has been moved back a month, from Sept. 8 to Oct. 5 in federal district court in Gulfport. A variety of orders in connection to the case were also released today. The orders concern when both the defense and prosecution are to provide witness lists and to provide discovery in the case.

A deadline for a change of plea was also entered by the court with a deadline of notice of a change of plea of Sept. 17.

In the most recent charges, the government alleges that Brent and Laura Warr "provided a false and fraudulent Uniform Residential Loan Application to obtain a mortgage loan," back in 2003, and that the couple "provided false and fraudulent information regarding the status of property located at 11142 Coleman Road, Gulfport, Mississippi, purporting to be their primary residence, at a time when defendants had a commercial lease on said property to others utilizing the property as a personal care home..." 

The most recent charges involved the Warr's efforts to obtain financing for the property back in 2003 and allege a continuing conspiracy that continues "through the date of this indictment," reads the indictment in Count 20.

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