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Obama’s Fall to Earth

The Anointed One Has Lost His Divinity, Not Because He Has Been Savaged By The Press, But In Spite Of The Lack Of It.

Filed 9/8/09  GCN

The Washington Post’s brilliant commentator, Charles Krauthammer recently penned a critique of Barack Obama that compared the president to the Greek mythological character, Icarus, son of Daedalus.  Krauthammer might well have better referenced the album by post-hardcore metal band, Alesana; On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax.  However, unlike Icarus, who flew too close to the sun, Obama’s impact with terra firma has not (yet) proven fatal.

What may have softened Obama’s fall is how the press, Charles Krauthammer included, presumes Barack Hussein Obama means well.

This is far different from when George W. Bush was president.  Over the eight years he served in office, the media’s ink ran red with invective.  These denunciations ranged from describing Bush as a gibbering drooling fool to a diabolical mastermind.

Much of this was of course orchestrated by the Democrat Party or other closely affiliated political action organizations.  While in beginning these exaggerated claims were not taken seriously, unfortunately over time, their corrosive effect did ultimately destroy Bush’s popularity.

Of course, there are those that accept every jot and tittle of “rip and read” journalism, even when they carry gross inconstancies.  An attorney friend of mine once sought to escape his own petard by claiming, "If I did say Bush was an idiot, he is an idiot savant whose special ability is to wield power."

With Obama, the sentiments most often expressed are that the president is sincere in his statements and ignore the extreme radicals with whom he has intimately associated himself.

  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright- Barack Obama’s former pastor, famous for his “God damn America” sermon.  Even a cursory survey of Wright’s church web page reveals that his message is more about black socialist nationalism than religion.
  • Father Michael Pfleger- super radical Catholic priest.  Pfleger once threatened the life a Chicago gun store owner for nothing more than owning a gun store.  Pfleger also accused Hillary Clinton of racism during the presidential campaign.
  • Frank Marshall Davis- Obama’s formative years mentor, who is also a famous black communist and poet of the 1930s and ‘40s.
  • William Ayers- Obama’s political godfather, benefactor, and one of the founders of the violent communist terror group, the Weather Underground.
  • Bernadine Dohrn- William Ayers’s wife and fellow Weatherman and terror bomber.  Dohrn once signed a written declaration of war on the United States Government.
  • Hillary Clinton- Secretary of State under Obama and former First Lady.  Clinton is a self- admitted “progressive” who has in the past worked for a public take over of America’s health system.
  • Anthony “Van” Jones- Arrested during both the Rodney King Riots and 1999 Seattle Washington World Trade Organization protests.  Jones is a former member of STORM, a communist commune and political activist group.  Jones has been quoted as bragging that black kids don’t do Columbine type crimes.  Jones has also claimed that the Federal Government knew that the 9-11 terror attack would happen but did nothing to prevent it.  Jones has also publically referred to Republicans as a** holes.
  • Carol Browner- headed up Environmental Protection Agency under Bill Clinton; member and former functionary and likely member of Socialist International.
  • Cass R. Sunstein- Frightening choice as information czar in that Sunstein has previously advocated government control of internet content and has also argued that animals should be able to bring lawsuits in court.
  • John Holdren- Advisor to president.  Holdren has publically addressed climate change skeptics as “dangerous” and members of a “denier fringe.”  Holdren has previously written that compulsory population controls, such as forced abortions, will be necessary to save the planet.
  • Alan Bersin- When acting as border “czar” under President Bill Clinton, once stated that he was not interested in preventing the entry of illegal immigrants who he referred to as merely “economic migrants.”
  • Gil Kerlikowske- Obama’s “drug czar” who as Seattle, Washington Police Chief, not only publically admitted that arresting pot users were a low priority, he assigned an officer full time to a drug court that downgraded charges on drug users.

The above histories are not in doubt.  Why then, does the press not admit that Obama is also a radical whose ideas for “change” don't include individual freedom or the best interests of the United States of America?

Regardless, the situation isn't just that the president has lost his popularity because he had made some tactical miscalculations.  Obama has lost his popularity because he is being exposed for what he is and what he desires to do.

A growing number of people are now realizing this and no longer trust the president, his party, or the government over which he presides.

But more importantly, they have come to these conclusions without input from the mainstream press.

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