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   GCN Opinion   Filed 7/7/10

July 4th, 2010
Richmond, VA

Subject: High Treason

Dear Talk Radio & New Media Icons;

Toward the end of the Clinton years many conservatives despaired of ever seeing their cause advance. One of you, Rush Limbaugh, more than once told his audience to cheer up, that “we,” meaning conservatism as a whole, was winning. Sadly, we can now see that he was wrong.

George W. Bush may have barely won the presidency in 2000, but with the help of Hollywood and the mainstream media, Fabian Socialism marched on making inroads into both major parties. Today, we have a full blown Marxist president who chaffs at the limitations imposed on him by the Constitution and a Republican Party that tepidly at best opposes him.

Essentially, both Federal legislative houses are in the hands of Socialist-Democrats. Even more ominously, the protections afforded by the Supreme Court hangs but by a thread.

We have entered an era of genuine crisis. We are witnessing the intentional destruction of America and the pending usurpation of our constitutionally guaranteed Natural Law Rights.

The White House routinely denigrates our country, forsakes our allies, gives aid and comfort to our enemies, enriches those who hate us, honors those who hold nothing but contempt for our way of life, and refuses to protect our borders from an invasion of illegal aliens.

Moreover, the government's relentless printing of money is rendering our currency worthless, thus undermining our sovereignty. And the disregard for even the clearest language in our Constitution is reducing that sacred document to but mere words printed on paper.

Consider how Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, brazenly told the Senate that the Federal Election Commission does in fact have the right to ban books.

Ban books? What part of the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press... can't she understand?

However, Kagan is hardly alone. The Left has launched many attacks on our freedoms just as they have precipitated attacks on the most fundamental tenants of decency. Teachers molesting our children all the while schools have begun distributing condoms to 5th graders...

… Think about that; the distribution of a sexual protective aide to children without parental consent or even knowledge.

But what would you expect from the side that argues for allowing born living babies to suffer while waiting to die from wounds inflicted on them during botched abortions?

Obama has supported this kind of inhuman “health care” because he says saving the baby's life would be perversely against the mother's original decision to terminate her pregnancy. It matters not one wit to him that the baby was both born and living. All that mattered was maintaining their cult of death.

Obama doesn't respect human life because it seems that he is neither Muslim nor Christian. He is an atheist as all good socialists are. That is how he could happily sit for twenty years in Jeremiah Wright's church and listen to hateful sermons such as “God-damn America.”

We- our nation- is in the clutch of monsters; anti-American communists hell bent on destroying our prosperity, seizing all of our freedoms, much less our property, and do so as to benefit hostile foreign nations, many of which are themselves led by socialist dictators.

Yes, what I have just described is treason and that is what it must be called; High Treason.

In my opinion, President Obama should be impeached in the House, tried and convicted in the Senate, removed from office, criminally investigated for conspiracy to subvert the United States Constitution, brought to trial for treason, convicted by a jury of American citizens, and be given the punishment befitting all traitors.

The process should then be repeated with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and on down the line. America should focus on these criminals like an industrial laser beam until we have burned this virulent cancer out of our body politic.

Spare me the hysterics of being shocked and offended. What I am saying is not at all extreme. Just recall some of the names with whom Obama has been intimately associated:

  • Tom Hayden, a founder of the subversive Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and former husband of "Hanoi Jane" Fonda. It was Fonda who straddled the barrel of a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun and patted her hands in glee at the prospect of downing American airmen. While in college, Obama was involved with one of Hayden's organizations.

  • William Ayers, the infamous Weather Underground bomber, who has been photographed standing on an American flag and who once lamented that “We didn't do enough.”

  • Bernadine Dohrn, fellow Weatherman and wife of Bill Ayers, who reportedly signed a document declaring war on the United States of America. The Ayers were central to Obama's success in Illinois politics.

  • George Soros- international money trader who nearly broke the British Pound Sterling through his currency manipulations in the early 1990s. Soros was one of the very few who actually made money during the financial meltdown. Soros has provided funds and other support for Obama's political campaigns.

  • Frank Marshall Davis, the once famous writer and member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA.) Marshall is credited by Obama himself as a childhood mentor who filled Obama's head with invective for America and counseled the college bound Obama that his education was designed to make him a slave to the corporate establishment.

  • Unnamed socialist professors and structural feminists- persons by definition hostile to traditional America- who Obama said himself he sought out and associated with while in college.

  • Afterwards Obama also worked closely with ACORN and taught the Alinsky method and the Cloward-Piven Strategy for the Industrial Areas Foundation, originally founded by Saul Alinsky himself. Cloward-Piven was first deployed against New York City in 1968, bankrupting it by 1975. Now, 35 years later, America as a whole is close to being financially bankrupt.

  • Obama's true party seems to be the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Right after Obama's election, DSA President Joseph Swartz laid out an agenda for the new president's first 100 days in office. Obama and his Democratic congress has successfully pursued nearly every one of Swartz's objectives.

  • Jeremiah Wright whose pulpit sermons preached not just hatred for America, but particularly Jews, and Caucasians. Wright was central to Obama's success in organizing many in Chicago's black community.

This all makes sense when one understands that Obama was born and raised outside the Continental United States with substantial time in the Muslim nation of Indonesia. He was raised by socialists hostile to free market capitalism.

Obama said as much himself in his first book, Dreams from My Father, where he remarked that his great grandparents were "no wild-eyed socialists."

Think about it. Why would he make that remark if his parents and grandparents were not?

Nothing Obama has done has uplifted or otherwise strengthened America. Instead, he has done everything possible to erode American's confidence in their institutions, including the office of the president itself.

Obama has even dared to do what had been abhorrent to all previous U.S. presidents; bow to monarchs and dictators- his notable exception being Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.

Follow the headlines and Obama is now moving to control the internet, the 21st Century equivalent of the 18th Century printing press, eradicate talk radio, and even curtail individual free speech.

Additionally, Obama has indicated that he will seek to attain through international treaties- particularly with the U.N, but also through motions filed with the World Court in the Hague- what he cannot achieve through Congress and avoided Congress to make appointments to high posts

Much of this will be done by minions, such as the mayor of Chicago, Richard Daly, who is moving to sue his own country in the World Court because the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that an American's right to own and bear arms, at least in their own homes, cannot be abridged.

What do you think the Founding Fathers would have done had President Washington tried to bar citizens from owning, much less bearing, arms of any kind?

What do you think the Founding Fathers would have done had President Washington moved to seize or otherwise control of every printing press in the new nation?

What do you think the Founding Fathers would have done had President Washington and his congress moved to take control of every physician's practice and every hospital in America?

What do you think the Founding Fathers would have done had President Washington attempted to curtail free speech at any time much less within 90 days of an election?

What do you think the Founding Fathers would have done had the Supreme Court ruled that private property can be seized by the state and given to someone else just because they will pay higher taxes on it?

The Founding Fathers would have done far more than just call it for what it is: treason. Each of the above acts are indisputably in contravention with the U.S. Constitution and the guarantee of individual rights therein.

These are preexisting rights, by the way, not privileges. They were given to us by God so no government can legitimately take them away.

But the socialists labor to do just that, subvert the Constitution, often telegraphing their intentions as a part of their artificial crisis building process. Every action they take, every issue they champion, every cause they take up, is selected precisely because it advances them closer to realizing goals set down by the Fabian Socialists in the late 1800s.

Financial failure is simply a part of the "remaking" Obama spoke of during his campaign and the "sacrificing" that the First Lady has forewarned. Change, in Obama's parlance, has to mean breaking the system down so that it can be completely rebuilt; the operative definition of Cloward-Piven.

However, massive debt and foreclosure may not be enough to overwhelm America's heritage of liberty. Americans will either have to be estranged from their own traditions of self sufficiency and independence, or replaced by others who are unburdened by such notions of liberty.

The public's intestinal fortitude to withstand and work through adversity, such as those experienced during the Great Depression and the Second World War, will also have to be undermined. Faith and hope must become alien sentiments and morality with its attendant self control must be swept out of American life like so much refuse: Good must be spoken of as if it were evil.

As all the above is in progress, we can afford no time for politeness or political correctness. If America fails, the world's sole surviving light of liberty will be extinguished and 6 billion people will be cast into political darkness.

As God is in Heaven, how can anyone, much less you icons of the alternative media, who follow current events every single day, not admit that what we are dealing with is high treason- a long standing conspiracy to destroy America and that the present Democrat Party has been hijacked by radicals for this very purpose.

In closing, I again implore you to call treason treason, and pound the required lessons home until a substantial number of citizens wake up and see the imminent danger the nation faces..

If you want to challenge me or exchange ideas on this subject, then do not hesitate to contact me. However, I think the facts speak for themselves.

Perry Hicks
Senior Writer
Washington Correspondent

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